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Pink Coral Vine: Flower of the Day, Jul 27, 2018


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I have been admiring a lush vine like this one at the Chapala Society for 17 years. A few years ago, I put a few seeds from it into my pocket and scattered them in a spot where I’ve never been able to get any thing to take hold.  I’d tried a grape vine to no avail, so thought perhaps these could use the dead grape vines for support.  This year I noticed that they had bloomed. I took one of these photos then.  Today I took it at a later stage, more fully bloomed out.  For years, I’ve wondered what it was and I finally lucked out and found it on a website.  It is called a Pink Coral Vine, so when I forget that at a later date and label this as a mystery flower, you can remind me!

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Big Changes

Big changes in my life in the past three days and no time to write about them.  Since the prompt word today is “create,” I’m going to show some art work I’ve probably shown before, but no time to do more.  I’ll explain what’s going on when I get back from Guadalajara this afternoon!

Art can be made from anything.  These are all pieces made by my assistant and me when we were visiting forgottenman.  Please click on first photo to see enlarged views of the work as well as my able assistant.  (He made me what I am today.)

The prompt today is “create.”



This serpent that has tweeted and hissed
bursts forth like an erupting cyst,
uncoiling through the growing mist
of hydrocarbons, he checks his wrist.
Time for more treasures to be dissed––
air to pollute, cronies to enlist.
He combs his mind. He checks his list––
His whole agenda, an upraised fist.
Supporters, how could you have missed
the cold heart of this pugilist?
A savior or a hedonist?
It’s like the antichrist you’ve kissed.
How can you fail to get the gist
of all he’s recently dismissed:
the fact we need to coexist––
the clean air we need to exist––
the animals we must assist
with what is needed to subsist?
Health care and schools join the list.
Women’s rights? Staunch men insist
that ancient laws once more persist.
This truth just cannot be dismissed:
he is the largest terrorist.
He is a child, moody and pissed,
who gives our arm a mighty twist,
who must be chided to desist.
We must continue to resist.

The prompt word today is resist.

What’s This???? Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge May 17, 2016

Can you figure out what the photos below are?  One of them I couldn’t figure out for the longest time.  I knew what it was but not how I’d taken the photo!  Let me know what you think they are.


Please click on photos to enlarge.  I didn’t mean to include the last one, but it looks so good in the collage that I’m leaving it! You’ll see it in my earlier post today as well.