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Love Objects

Love Objects

While brides and grooms may view their love as something indivisible,

others find committed love as something they find risible.

With no direct object, love’s intransitive to some.
Instead of one love interest, they relish what may come.

Holy men may meditate on all that love can be,
while lesser men make light of it and take it on their knee

with a chortle and a crass approach that says they’ll have a look,
but don’t intend to be the one strung up on a hook,

captured and rebranded as a certain lady’s mister,
as he has equal feelings for her best friend and her sister.

Such men prefer to spread their light of love throughout the earth.
For them their love is dappled, a thing of fun and mirth.

Gurus, priests and bon vivants can’t settle on just one.
They’ll spread their love throughout their world before the day is done.

Prompt words are intransitive, meditate, risible (provoking laughter), chortle, look and dappled. Images of wedding scene, guru and partiers are from Unsplash.


Prompt words for today are Wow, amplify, squabble, ferocious and vulnerability.


I wish that I could wow you with putting prompts to rhyme,
but I seem not to be able to do so at this time.
“Amplify’s” been silenced and “squabble’s” fighting back,
while their potential author is revealed as just a hack.

It seems my old acuity at making words behave
has somehow deserted me, branding me a knave.
The truth that I am lacking in *vocabular agility
has left me slightly flummoxed with a new vulnerability.

(*For all I know, some lexicographer’s already dissed
my coinage of a brand new word the dictionaries missed.)
This poet, once ferocious, has been worn down by time.
and I’m thinking in my next life I might come back as a mime.

Prompt words for today are Wow, amplify, squabble, ferocious and vulnerability.

Fandango’s Provocative Question #27


“If you could choose one — and only one — particular malady, condition, or disease for which a safe and effective treatment was available, what one condition would you choose to treat and why is that your choice?”

If there could be a cure for one disease in the world, I would choose Alzheimer’s. Other diseases deprive you of your life. Alzheimer’s deprives you of yourself. I can’t imagine a worse fate than being trapped inside myself, losing my personality, intelligence, memory, mobility and dignity–and having my loved ones witness this. I’ve watched this happen with my sister and will seize any means to keep it from happening to me. I’ve speculated that perhaps you just go into an interior world that is magical in its own way, but I think that is really just wishful thinking. In truth, I fear it the most of anything, as by the time you are in its throes, there is really nothing that can be done. With other diseases, you have a choice… attempt a cure, and if it doesn’t work, choose a bridge to jump off or a pill to take. With Alzheimer’s, unless you make this choice early-on, it is too late.



For Fandango’s Provocative Question #27

RED!!!! A Red Convertible


I’m collecting RED today, so let’s see your Red posting.. please put a link in my comments so others can see it as well.

A Red Convertible


The red convertible was made redder by the man in it.  He was incredibly pale. Blonde hair, flaxen skin, white shirt, pale arms. His eyes were moonstones, his smile cold as that moon. Why he would choose a car that showed him off to such disadvantage was hard at first to discern, but in time she came to understand it. That car accented his differentness. It made him a curiosity one wanted to encounter in order to examine it, and when you drew near enough to examine it, to converse with him and see his manner, hear his mind, you were captured. The trap snapped shut.

His mind, like his car, was anything but pale.  Once his mouth opened, he burst open like a Christmas piñata.  He snapped. He tumbled. Each word was a tiny gift that no one but you knew you wanted. He was surprise after surprise. A bit of everything, each thing intended to gift you, surprise you, capture you. The man was like a crazy gift wrapped up in white paper and string.

That red convertible, initially a contrast, became a perfect replication of the man who drove it. It took you off to adventures you could never dream of. Like the man himself.  Like his mind.

Many years later, years during which I have come to know the man well and to meet others who know him, I have learned that with every person, the trip was different.  When I stepped into the red convertible, it sped me off to a world in which anything was possible.  We drove off to galleries where one day I myself would hang. We drove to little inns that would become my solace, to crazy stores that would be my mood-lifters, to the houses of his friends who would become my friends. We would stop at roadside stands that had exactly what I needed, although I hadn’t known it before. We would drive with the top down, wasting music to road behind us that was like music made expressly for me that I’d never heard before. Those trips into the unknown were trips into parts of myself I didn’t even know were there. Parts I had visited only in dreams. Parts that opened me up like a flower and seeded further growth. That red convertible, long after it had been retired to grand seclusion in a corner of a garage that held many cars—one for each person his life drove him to—still exists in my mind, and every day, it propels me on to the weird and unexpected. Drives me on to who I am and who I will be.

Sunday Stills: Something #Red

Topically Distracted

pIMG_0959 2

Topically Distracted

When WordPress put us out to dry,
turning a deaf ear to our cry
not to suspend the Daily Post,
I think it disillusioned most.
Yet, so many rose to hear our plight
that now I labor day and night
to fulfill the prompts they host.
I fear offending if I don’t post.
So though outside the air’s a balm,
the flowers lush, the scene all calm,
I feel my obligation’s rush.
I feel each lined-up prompting’s crush.

Each jostles to be first in line
like a regular at opening time.
So though outside it’s tropical,
and therefore very topical,
I cannot feel the scene before me.
Sun, trees, water only bore me.
Even the palm trees do not sway.
No wind  rustles them today.
And though the prompt is “tropical,”
my mind is stuck on “topical.”
I must admit that I’m distracted.
With prompts, I fear, I’m over-facted!

Here are seven prompt sites that have grown up in answer to WordPress’s abandonment, plus two I’ve been posting on for some time:  Fandango’s prompt today is tropical. This is a well-set-up daily prompt site that is easy to post on. It needs followers.  Give it a try. I’d like to see it succeed. It is posted daily, just past midnight Pacific time, so if you like an early start, this is a good prompt site for you.  This site publishes a weekly prompt. Alan Grace has set up a site recycling WP prompts from two years ago. This should work out well for beginning bloggers who haven’t already done these prompts.  This is a once a week prompt that I used for the first time yesterday.  It was an intriguing prompt that was very unusual and fun to write to and I look forward to getting into the habit of posting there once a week.  Daily Addictions is another reliable and easy-to-use site that makes use of Mr. Linky.  This is a very good daily prompt site run by seven bloggers who were part of the WordPress Daily Prompt community and who wanted to see the daily prompts continue.  You’ll recognize many of the names who post there, now.  embeecee recommends this prompt site, saying that it isn’t always a daily prompt.  I haven’t used it yet. This is another poetry prompt site I love that predated WordPress’s retirement.They post two prompts a week and make use of a Mr. Linky site to link your poems to.  Cee posts a number of prompts, many of them photo prompts, but some that include prompts to be written as well.  Hers are the prompts I’ve followed the longest.  They are thought-provoking and she has a large following and an easy-to-use linkup page.

If you know of other prompt sites I’ve forgotten or have not yet come across, please list links to them in the comments below. 

My Own Back Yard: My Favorite Place

Click on any photo to enlarge all.

Much as I’ve loved to stir and roam,
lately my favorite place is home.

Enigma: The Secret Keeper WWP132

IMG_8219 2


I take your arm.
I read your eyes.
Stare at the rage
your mien belies.
I raid your lips
with tongue and tooth
trying to find
your hoarded truth.
The whole of you
defies my test.
Does eye deceive
or does the rest?



This prompt requires I write a post making use of these five words: READ | ARM | RAID | STARE | RAGE |

Travel Theme: Names

Click on first photo to enlarge all:

Names. How could we define songs, magazines, labels on drawers, families, poets, products, books, events and places without them? 


Quintessential Morning


okcforgottenman at dawn.  jdbphoto

Hate to rain on your beautiful sunrise, but the beauty of the morning sky doesn’t tell the whole story.

Celebrity Questions Answered by a Non-Celebrity

For this prompt, we were asked to answer the questions asked by James Lipton on Inside the Actors Studio. Since I worked with him for three years when he directed the Xmas Special of the Bob Hope Show, during which time he never asked any of us any of these questions, I am going to answer the questions here. (I also happened to love Inside the Actor’s Studio during the years when I had TV and could watch it.)

So, here goes.

~ ~ • ~ ~

1.  What is your favorite word?  

Plethora, because I am so proud that I know the meaning. ;o)

2.  What is your least favorite word?  

Awesome. If you want to know why, hit the link.

3.  What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?

Conversations. Nature. Loving actions.

4.  What turns you off?


5.  What is your favorite curse word?

Asshole! (Muttered only upon encountering really selfish or bad drivers or parkers.)

6.  What sound or noise do you love?


7.  What sound or noise do you hate?

Donald Trump’s voice.

8.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

Interior decorating.

9.  What profession would you not like to do?

Tax accountant.

10.  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

“Your friends and family are all waiting for you!”