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Bad Hair Day: Flower of the Day, Nov 16 2016


Pink Impatiens: Flower of the Day, July 31, 2016


Found these ladies in the courtyard of Viva Mexico, of course. They were the only thing there that rivaled the beauty of the little girls in their finery.

Hibiscus After Rain: Cee’s Flower A Day

IMG_2488IMG_2492After a hot humid day in Ajijic, I arrived home to find it had rained.  This beauty had bloomed in the garden by the pathway into my house, bearing evidence to that fact.  I have four or five different varieties of hibiscus and each time a new bloom comes out, it is a gift!!

Since I believe Cee is on retreat, I’m linking this to her yesterday’s challenge. You can see other floral offerings HERE.

Oops..she did post today, so to see her today’s post, go HERE.

Red Flower: Cee’s Flower a Day Challenge

Red FlowerAnother beauty from my friend Patty’s garden whose name escapes me. I love the color and variety of shape it added to her garden.

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Hibiscus: (Cee’s A Flower A Day Challenge)



Called Obeliscos in Mexico, I have never seen so many varieties and colors of Hibiscus as in the nurseries in the little towns that surround where I live.  I’m going to try to take pictures as the various colors bloom.  I absolutely love the blooms.  Although they do not last long, there is always a new one opening and if Pasiano doesn’t trip too often, dozens at a time popping open on one plant.

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