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BP and Me


BP and Me

Cook a bowl of oatmeal and throw some apples in.
Cinnamon and cranberries and walnuts are no sin.
Gotta get the pressure down––of both my life and blood.
So no more salting French fries or pies of chocolate mud.
I exercise enough, I think, nighttimes in the pool;
but midnight trips out to the fridge brand me as a fool.

So a giant bowl of oatmeal with milk that is nonfat
and a bit more exercising where I once just sat
will guarantee I’ll live at least to one hundred twenty.
I’ll have lower blood pressure and zip I’ll have aplenty.
There is no secret to long life and staying young and burlier.
The answer lies in giving up life’s pleasures a bit earlier.


The prompt word today is “Giant.” (It’s not too obvious what this poem has to do with the prompt word until the second stanza, but originally, I had “giant bowl of oatmeal” in the first line. Alas, no rhyme presented itself, so “giant” got relegated to a bit further down in the poem and became less relevant.  Oh well. Main purpose of the prompts is to get us started, anyway.)


JNWs Halloween Challenge, Spooky: Deviled eggs!!!!


When I asked Dan and Rhonda to make me some deviled eggs, I guess I should have given more specific instructions!!!!! Note the avocado horns.  Eight o’clock in the morning, and spooked already!

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Spooky

Last Request

Version 2jdbphoto

Last Request

I pine, I anguish, yearn and ache;
yet don’t allow myself to bake.
I don’t dessert for calorie’s sake,
for if I do, my floorboards quake.
Yet one request I’d like to make.
When that last sleep I finally take,
if I should die before I wake,
please let my last meal include cake!

Today’s prompt word was “Cake.”

High Cholesterol

High Cholesterol

Bake the pies and roast the beast.
Call your friends from west and east.
They’ll enjoy the food, at least,
as from sparse greens my meal is pieced.
For I fear my life’s long feast
has, by necessity, now ceased!

Premature Ingestion

egg-1364869_960_720Christine Goodnough issued a challenge for me to download this photo and use it as a prompt so here goes.  (Permission was given to download without attribution.)

Premature Ingestion

Poached or coddled, scrambled, fried––
a potential chick has died.
You have no patience, that is clear
for the breakfast you hold dear
forestalls a lot of finger-lickin.’
This could have been a whole fried chicken!

Fishless Chips



Dykstra-Brown Photo


I received the below new lunch menu from a local restaurant via email immediately before reading the daily prompt, which was “Flourish.”  It was inevitable that the two would merge.

LUNCH MENU is being offered from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Fish & Chips with Coleslaw
  • Burritos ( Shrimp or Fish)
  • Chimichangas (Shrimp or Fish)
  • Tacos Shrimp or Fish
  • Large Salad with  Shrimp

Fishless Chips

Never have I had a wish
for any kind of seafood dish––
fillet of flounder or tuna knish.
The only menu I find delish
is piscine-free, served with a flourish.
So if this bod you wish to nourish,
just french fry spuds and skip the fish!

is, I fear, devoid of fish.

Baker’s Dozen

Have you ever wondered where the phrase came from?  I had an epiphany moment when I was baking cookies a month ago, then forgot about it until I again baked cookies yesterday.  It was then that I realized if you place the balls in rows of 3, then 2, then 3, then 2, then 3 on a regular cookie sheet to leave room for expansion, you can fit exactly 13 cookies on the sheet!  Voila!! A baker’s dozen!!! I perhaps could have discovered this by looking it up on Google, but much more fun to discover such facts on your own!

Or, for more information, look here: