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Hibiscus in Profile: Flower of the Day


Cee’s flower of the day:

Pink Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Oct 7, 2017


Pink isn’t my favorite color, but I love this pink hibiscus I spotted in my friend Lety’s garden yesterday.

For Cee’s Flower Challenge.

Hibiscus and Hopper: Flower of the Day, Sept 27, 2017

I first spotted this little green fellow yesterday afternoon.  He was just inspecting this lush hibiscus.  He seems to have found his breakfast spot and so I went in to have mine as well.


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When I next saw him it was 24 hours later. The Hibiscus does not seem the better for his attention. Below is his dining spot, somewhat depleted.

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New Girl

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed this newest hibiscus in my family.  It’s planted in a spot I don’t often visit, by the gate between the outside kitchen entrance and the back yard.  When Pasiano left the gate open, letting the dogs into the kitty domain, I went to close it and discovered this somewhat splendiferous overblown beauty. It’s not what I would normally buy.  Now I’m curious about my state of mind when I succumbed to its gaudy flashiness.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt

Hibiscus in Full Sun


The Spanish name for the hibiscus is “obelisco.”  Why this is, I do not know, unless it is because of the long stamen which is remotely obelisk-shaped. jdbphoto

For Cee’s daily flower prompt.

“Bleach All the Colors” Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge, Aug 12, 2017


Bleach all the colors from the flowers. Cancel out the sun.
Stay the music. Still the dance. Tell laughter it is done.
She will not walk this way again so all must cease to walk.
Her conversation’s over. The whole world must not talk.
Earth upon its axis should still its constant motion.
The cook must quiet his cooking pots, the chemist trash his potion.
The universe must end itself now that my true love’s dead,
and I lay myself beside her on our wedding bed.

For Cee’s Black and White Challenge:

Red Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, June 19, 2017


I had a yellow and purple Spanish Dancer hibiscus that I shot yesterday all ready to post. Then I saw this red one, just born today, and changed my mind. Here’s a little closer view:


and one with an unplanned-for visitor:


For Cee’s Flower prompt.