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Them’s No Apples! !!! For CMMC

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I got a bit carried away and some of these are on the cusp of Granny Smith, I know. If you see any you think I should “out,” let me know. For CMMC, Granny Smith Apple Light Green Colors

Eyes of the Ocean

My wifi connection here at the beach is so slow that it has taken me ten minutes just to download/upload this photo, so others will have to wait. This is the eye of a needlefish seen on the beach yesterday.  It was three or four feet long…Okay, finally, 20 minutes later, I was able to load the “eyeless” portion of the post.

For Nature Photo Challenge: Eyes

Water Water Everywhere, Mar 6, 2023

I couldn’t decide which of these to use, so I’m posting them both. The first creates more of an optical illusion–wedding the swimming pool and the ocean. The second makes the division clear and has a more vivid color. Click on photos to enlarge. Which do you prefer?

For The Water Water Everywhere prompt

Waiting, Waits and Wait!!!

Wait! with an exclamation point is very different from waiting in general.  There is a bit of both in these photos.

Then, there is always Tom Waits. My favorite. Here’s a sample of him as well:

For Travel With Intent prompt: Wait

“Intruder”: My Pick for CBWC, Sept 22, 2022

This is so bizarre, but this little cat stranger has been trying to break into my house by any means possible for the past two days.  Here she is climbing the screen, getting on the crossbar of the security grill and clawing at the window. She then jumps down into the space between the bars and the window, squeezes out and climbs up the screen again. She does this over and over, then goes to different doors and tries to get in. She tried going into the back yard, was chased by dogs and just jumped up on the ledge between the top of the wall and the ground and calmly crouched while the dogs went crazy barking.  I cannot get her to leave. Both big cats are afraid of her and I can’t feed them outside as she comes and runs them off and eats the food. When I let Zoe out, she scared Zoe as well, who ran back inside. I put her in a carrier cage for awhile and the cats still wouldn’t go out to eat with her in the cage outside. When I go out, she curls around my feet and trips me… just wants to be close constantly but it is throwing my entire household off. Don’t know what to do. I think she’s an abandoned pet. Doesn’t seem feral, but we just can’t function with her here. What to do? Next thing, she’ll be climbing up on the roof and jumping down the chimney.

To read the rest of the story, go HERE.

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge “Your Pick” I pick this!!!!

Lens Artists Challenge: Low Light

Lens Artists Challenge: Low Light