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In Safe Keeping

The Prompt: What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

In Safe Keeping

What would be the sense of telling you my secret now
if in the past I’ve taken a very sacred vow
to never share it anywhere, with anyone at all?
Does WordPress now expect that I would seek to scale the wall
of confidentiality I’ve kept year after year?
They’re playing Devil’s advocate, but friends please have no fear.
You secret’s safe with me, for I have kept it all this time
and would not now reveal it for the price tag of a rhyme.
A secret is a secret and remains right here with me.
It is a pact between us, and forever it shall be.

Crowded Secret


Crowded Secret

This secret
shared with only you
has become crowded.

Like a party with too many guests,
it spills up the staircase
and into private rooms.

This secret with only room for two
has nudged you out of my confidence
as this one and this one and this one

crowd in to offer advice
just as though
they had been invited.

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