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Sporty Doors: Thursday Doors, March 30, 2017

I guess it was the vivid colors and the sporty equipment featured in each that caused me to put these photos of La Manzanilla, Mexico, doors together. (click on either photo to enlarge both.)

Thursday Doors, Mar 16, 2016

IMG_1046 (2)IMG_1049 (1)

Morrie’s admirer Niña lives behind these gates. I think she spends more time at our house, though!  Here is Niña.  You’ll see more of her later:


Thursday Doors, Mar 2, 2017


The vines surrounding the concrete pillars in front of this beachside hotel grow up the sides of trees, thus the rounded shape.  Usually they are used as pillars with the tree trunk inside, but for some reason, they substituted concrete.  Neat effect, though.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.

Neighborhood Grocery: Thursday Doors, Feb 2 2017


I love that these little neighborhood groceries still survive and thrive in Mexico.  this one is just down the street from me in La Manzanilla, Mexico.

See Norm’s beautiful Quebec doorways here: