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Puesta del Sol: Thursday Doors, Feb 14, 2019

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Friends Christine and Rick from Gabriola Island, Western Canada, have made it their goal to transform the small posada they stay in every year into a little boutique hotel. For the past two years, they’ve been effecting many changes, including these decorations around the doors of each room. The little haven is a beehive of activity with musicians, poets and artists all contributing their skills. I’m going there tonight for a Valentine’s dinner. Yes, I’ll take photos!


For Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Thursday Doors, Jan 24, 2019

I found this wonderful garage door in Perula, a small town about an hour north from La Manzanilla, where I’m staying for Jan. and Feb. Better click on any photo to see them all better.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors.

Cellar Door



As doors go, this is a much prettier door than a cellar door.

After I wrote my poem, forgottenman apprised me of the significance of “cellar door“—that being that many consider it to be one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language, apart from its meaning.  Since I had already written my poem using “cellar door” in its literal sense, I published my first post anyway but now feel compelled to rebut it as one of the most beautiful phrases (or words) in the English language and to suggest a few more.  Propinquity is one, although I still have to look it up every time I hear it. Ascendency is another, as is onomatopoeia–but that is too obvious a choice. Parsimonious or terrarium. Gondola. Pandemonium.  Okay.  It’s getting late and let’s face it.  There are lots of beautiful words in the English language, and in my estimation, cellar door isn’t even in the running. 


The Daily Inkling Prompt today is cellar door.