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Thursday Doors, Nov 1, 2018

I know the door itself is plain, but I love this door at the entrance to my niece’s house.  I think it is the mirrored starburst above which fits in so well with the door’s design and gives an illusion of a small window above the door. It just looks like it was engineered at the same time as the door.

For Norm’s Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors, May 10, 2018

Click on photos to enlarge.

Opening Doors

We click them open, pull them shut.
We shine their locks and dust them, but
when we leave a house to roam,
a turned key doesn’t make it home.
Ownership is not the thing
that crowns you as your house’s king.
If you want your house to fit,
you need to put some life in it.

For Thursday Doors prompt.

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Thursday Doors, Mar 22, 2018

This plain Jane door is perked up remarkably by these little interlopers. Click any photo to enlarge all.


For Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge.