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Meet You at the Mint

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For 109 years, people have been saying “Meet you at the Mint” in Sheridan, Wyoming.  The oldest bar in town, some of its stories are written on the walls, others rebound in the memories of some of the old timers who go there.  The photo on the back wall over the pool table shows a lone cowboy astride his horse watching a mile-long string of cattle make their way through the snow.  Below the photo, the cowpokes at the pool table turned out to be visitors from Great Britain fresh from a week of cowboy lessons in Montana.  The attractive bartender enjoys the lull before the hordes descend for the upcoming rodeo, when she will be joined by 5 other bartenders to deal with the crowd. Silent witnesses above the bar give testimony to the fact that this is hunting country.  The embossed walls show off local brands.