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Tapalpa Bound: Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Sept 16, 2017

One of the most beautiful drives I’ve taken in Mexico is this drive during wildflower season, up to the village of Tapalpa in the the mountains near my home. I think I need to pass that way again this year.



Is it Bugging you, Which Way to Go? Dec 7, 2016

Obviously, this little guy has just considered his options and is wondering which way to go!



In response to Cee’s Which Way Challenge.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Nov 30, 2016

DSCF1150 - Version 2

This seeming bridge to nowhere is actually a loading dock for the tons of bird guano taken from this island every few years to use as fertilizer.

This is my submission for Cee’s Which Way Challenge.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Sept 21, 2016

The way to go may not be perfectly clear, but the way not to go should be!



This Way! Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Week 31

This way! Follow me!

Nope, Better come this way.  Hurry up.


Silly!  It was this way all along!!!

Take the Cobbled Way: cees-which-way-challenge-2015-week-27

Take the Cobbled Way

At the corner of my street, I always turn left, then always stay far right to avoid scraping my muffler as there is a big depression to channel the water coming down the arroyo.  Click to enlarge this picture and you can see a small trickle.  A few days ago it was like fording a stream!
IMG_1444 IMG_1439
Wherever you are going as you enter my fraccionamiento, the way is always up!  And the way out is always down.

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