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NaPoWriMo Day 4, 2017: Number 9 Blues

Number 9 Blues

Those eyes,
that song,
a bird the color
of the moon
we met under.

The wind
a ribbon of sadness.
Cold hands,
broken heart—
all the hue
of a trumpet’s lonely staccato. The prompt was to write an enigma poem.  Every line in this poem has something in common. Up to you to make the connection.

Paint Theory

Paint Theory

Nature abounds in color.
On everything in sight,
the only colors you won’t see 
are boring black and white.

Yet minimalists love what’s spare:
black and white and gray.
A splash of color here and there
is enough, they say.

I agree restraint is best
where decorating goes.
There should be some rules
concerning where paint flows.

On walls and cabinets and floors,
on doorknobs, furniture and doors,
The only place where you should paint
is anywhere where pigment ain’t!


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The Prompt word today was “Paint.”

Color Your World Yellow-Orange

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My entire house is yellow orange! As is my living room and bedroom and studio… all different hues. I have been so busy that I hadn’t noticed that everything is blooming.  The Royal Poinciana is the fullest I’ve ever seen it.  I’ll show more of it tomorrow!

Color Your World White!!!

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Believe it or not, I think all of the images (except for the one of Diego in his cone) were taken on the same day.  Odd that I looked through thousands of images and all my white ones ended up being taken on the same day. White stands out against the colors of Mexico!

Cross my Lens with Silver–Color Your World 4-6-16


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Okay, hold the show!  It is 11:33 p.m. two nights after I took the picture of little silvertoad and I just went out and he is still there!  Just moved a few inches.  I had to take photos.  The one that isn’t a closeup will show how small he is.