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First Offense


First Offense

He took a cursory look at the damage. Just a paint scratch, really—one that could probably be removed from his back bumper with a little turpentine. Taking a look at the vehicle that had rear-ended him at the street light, he doubted that it had insurance, so it was a good thing that he’d already decided that there was no need to file a claim or to persecute the offender. It would make a good yarn once he got to the office and a perfect excuse for his being late. 

“Better stay on the sidewalk after this,” he yelled at the back of the toddler pedaling his toy car quickly away from the scene of the crime, his little friend in the toy patrol car pedaling down the sidewalk after him in pursuit, red light blinking, siren wailing as they rounded the corner.


The prompts for today are yarn, being, cursory, and persecute. persecute

White Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Aug 21, 2018


I just planted this hibiscus a little over a week ago and this is my first bloom. I think it is my new favorite. I planted another new one as well but can’t remember the color.  I’ll share a photo when it blooms again as the original flower faded and fell off.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt.

Living in Sin




Living in Sin

Marriage is “legal tender,” a permit to fuse—
a government license for a couple to amuse.
Some cohabit without it, in a sort of ruse
which causes all the neighbors to gossip and accuse.
If they were more nondescript, perhaps they could just use
masks or garments to disguise, to obscure and confuse
their detractors, but alas, there’s no means they can use.
At six foot six, identities aren’t possible to lose.

I think my cousin’s sons might be taller than six foot six, actually. Next to my sister Patti, they seem to tower. Their photos are used for illustration purposes only.  Neither to my knowledge has committed any action to make the neighbors gossip.

The words of the day are tender, neighbor, nondescript and fuse.
And the links, in case you want to play along, are below:

Rainy Season Lilies: Flower of the Day, Aug 19, 2018



Click on Flower to enlarge.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt.



Around me, a cacophony
of morning sounds awaken me,
those first faint birdcalls subtle draws
to other chirpings, tweets and caws.

Airbrakes on a far-off road
likewise jar and likewise goad
other aspects of the choir to stir:
tapping of woodpecker and whirr

of the wings of hummingbird.
Then nature’s single most absurd
sound—the donkey’s seesaw bray—
that final harbinger of day.

Light invades the cushy dark
where my dreams had hoped to park
for another hour or so,
but instead, they quickly go

back to where dreams wait for us.
The labored gear shift of a bus
grinds me into consciousness
and a new day’s constant fuss.

In time, this route will not be taken—
this constant  cycle to awaken
will be softened as we go
unresisting to the undertow

of that silence more eternal,
that soft rest of the nocturnal
sensual in its quietness.
Is it more or is it less,

this agony of losing breath,
this stunning quietness of death?
Or when the sounds of living cease,
will we welcome the release

from this busy, noisy world
into which nature has hurled
us squawking, protesting and grieving
for the quiet nest we’re leaving?

Though we’ve increased in height and girth,
every morning’s a new birth
as creak of door and whisk of broom
rip us from the night’s calm womb. 

Half grudgingly, we meet our fate,
arising to the ultimate
challenge to our energy:
the new day’s challenge just “to be.”

I’ve combined yesterday’s and today’s prompt words in the above poem.  Just catching up after a five-day vacation: agony


For Daily Addiction’s prompt: Humane

This is ForgottenMan subbing for Judy while she and her nephew Ryan are traveling in Mexico. She asked if I’d like to reblog some of her old posts in response to the various daily challenges here. I decided to only look at her posts from 2013-14, her first two years of blogging here.

The Daily Addiction‘s prompt today is “Humane”. Back in April, 2013, Judy faced a minor dilemma: What to do about a swarm of wasps that decided to build their nest next to her kitchen door? What’s the humane thing to do? Her predicament is laid out in this photo essay HERE, and her subsequent solution is laid out HERE.