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This rebuttal to an anti-vaxxer by Marilyn Armstrong makes a sound argument.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

I wanted to publish this exchange because it’s a good example of why I dislike anti-vaxxers. They have beliefs based on out-of-context data and a lack of scientific and factual testing. Their “opinions” don’t merely endanger them, their family and friends, but everyone who comes near them.

Vaccination at Dartmouth High School – but that was before, when there were vaccines

It’s one thing to distrust big pharma for over-pricing necessary medication or horticulturists who create super fast-growing seeds that make food less tasty and wipes out smaller farms that produced better food in smaller crops. To distrust vaccinations which have saved entire generations from the horrors of smallpox and polio — among other things — is not an alternative view. It’s fear and rumor-mongering. It isn’t based on science or research. It’s fear reaching out.

Yes, you can have a reaction to the shots. Garry is having one today…

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Flitting here and flitting there,
sometimes just in my underwear,
unsmitten by the winter weather,
rarely am I aware whether
there is sun or snow or rain
outside the walls of my domain,
the fervor of the climate being
something far beyond my seeing.

The phrase that March is coming in
like a lion? Beyond my ken.
They’re merely lyrics in a song.
I’ve been a shut-in for so long
that weather doesn’t apply to me.
For one year, I’ve been climate-free,
nestled here, cat on my knee
in front of laptop or T.V.

Two thousand twenty and twenty-one
have addicted me to other fun
than outside social interactions.
I have narrowed my reactions
to the confines of four walls.
No homes of friends, cafes or malls.
It’s been a year since forced to choose
any other type of shoes
than flip-flops or my Birkenstocks.
Or since I donned a pair of socks.

Have styles changed, or is the blouse
purchased before banned to my house
still in vogue? How would I know?
Where does anybody go 
that it is possible to share it?
There’s nowhere left for me to wear it!
My social life is now in traction,
suffering from under-action.

No pub-crawls, dining out or dancing.
No hobnobbing and no romancing.
No skiing and no beach vacation.
Simply solo relaxation!
We suffer lives of self-containment.
No other trips or entertainment.

The whole world sharing one elation—
the prospects of a vaccination!

Prompt words today are flit, smitten, phrase and fervor.



One lived for music, the other art.
One had a giving, loving heart.
One was pompous, one sanguine,
and as for the one between,
give her an inch, she’d take a yard.
Raising triplets can be hard.
But if you divided each by three,
they’d be the perfect entity!


Prompt words today are yard, sanguine, pompous. Imagine by Rahmani Kresna on Unsplash, used with permission.

A Little Tip

A Little Tip

Although I’m a big tipper, no gratificación
will be awaiting waiters who linger on the phone
and let my soup or burger get cold up on the shelf.
I’ll send my food back to the chef and spend your tip myself!

I’ve declared a moratorium on mandatory tips.

My money will not cross your palm if cold food meets my lips.
If you’re somewhere slumbering and my drink is late,
will it affect the money left beneath my plate?

You can bet your lazy ass it will. So get your butt in gear
before my lips get parched and dry from waiting for a beer.
If my bread basket is meager and the bread is old and dry,
I’ll save your 25 percent for another guy.

I’ll give it as a baksheesh for some kid that I pass
who hasn’t done a thing for me—just like your sorry ass.
Lagging in your service won’t win a lagniappe.
Lollygagging will not put a feather in your cap.

So if you seek a tip from me, attention will be fateful.
I only give gratuities for service when I’m grateful!


Word prompts today are slumber, moratorium, meager and lagniappe. Photo downloaded from Unsplash with permission.