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Sisterly Spats


Squabbles between siblings seem to be a common thread
in every family I know, no matter how well bred.
Pillow fights might escalate into something more—
slapping and hair-pulling and rolling on the floor.

Age nourishes the problem with petty jealousy.
Nothing like a boy to end a sister’s loyalty!
Squabbles over borrowed clothes—a stain or a ripped hem,
hormones, insecurities and problems strictly femme.

Cruel labels given: “sloppy, slutty, fat,”
exacerbate the problem by giving tit for tat.
All the sisters of our friends seem to be so swell.
Why is it that we had to draw the sister straight from Hell?

At what point does the shift occur? When do the battles end?
What turns a sparring sister into a girl’s best friend?
Nieces and nephews help by turning sisters into aunties.
Bonding over choosing pretty dresses, frilly panties.

What is it in a baby that tends to heal old wrongs?
Memories of stories from our past? Those re-remembered songs?
Old squabbles once forgotten make way for fonder thought—
giving thanks at last for the sisters that we’ve got.

Prompts for today are sibling, label, nourish and exacerbate.

False Dragonhead Flower, June 18, 2019


This is the request I sent out into the universe yesterday:

I should know what this is but can’t remember. If someone refreshes my memory, I’ll post the name.

And although Pat, Angloswiss, Ghostmmnc, Derrick and Slmret came to my aid (Thanks, all,) Bob at Love Will Bring Us Together seems to be the most thorough and persuasive in his identification, agreeing with Pat, Angloswiss and Slmret, and Derrick agrees with him.  Here is his solution to the flower mystery:

It’s definitely a member of the Lamiales Order of plants that includes all 3 you are deciding between, but Pat is right – it’s a member of the genus Physostegia probably P virginiana – False Dragonhead.
Foxgloves belong to genus Digitalis and they generally have their flowers on one ‘side’ of the stem. The flowers seem to have more of a wide open ‘mouth’ than the dragonheads.

The Physostegia flowers are evenly spread about the stem at 4 right angles to one another in cross-section.

What’s more, (I’m so proud,) I seem to have driven Bob to declaring himself the Robin Hood of plant identification. He went on to say:If you wish to avail yourself, i now have my ‘service’ up on my blog: 🙂

So let’s keep him busy and out of trouble. He’s taken care of
all of my identification woes for the past year and so now extends his generous offer out to the blogging world in general. Once again, thanks, Bob.

And, again, thanks to all of you who helped to solve the mystery.

For Cee’s FOTD.

Paper Art

Karen at Momshieb published a photo of this wonderful cookbook she found in a second hand shop that was made up of a number of pamphlets bound together.  It reminded me of this artwork made in Bali out of rolled magazine pages that I saw in a gallery on Prince Edward Island. Wanted to share it with her and the easiest way was to share it with everyone on my blog. After viewing the photos below, click on the red hyperlink above to see her cookbook.


Happy Father’s Day to My Dad!!!

I had so much fun looking back through old photos of my dad.  Thought I’d share them with you. My two nieces are visiting my sister in Phoenix right now so thought they’d get a kick out of seeing these photos of their grandad and grandad-in-law as well. Click on any photo to enlarge it.  Clicking on them also provides explanations for some of the photos. My dad died at the age of 70 in 1974.


Scrub Daddy Scores (Scours?) a Family

This prompt word of “daddy” hadn’t been posted yet when I wrote my poem for the day using the other three prompts from sites I draw my words from every day, but now that it has been posted, I think it deserves its own post. This post from three years ago was not viewed by many people now reading my blog, so thought it warranted a second posting.

The prompt for the day was daddy.

lifelessons - a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

This is Marilyn, my sister’s across-the-street neighbor.  We went to college together but didn’t know each other then.  A while ago she started reading my blog and she says her heart was especially tugged by the Scrub Daddy Saga, which with this blog is stretching to 4 posts—I think the most I’ve devoted to any topic.  To read the opening episodes, you can go HERE, (Don’t forget to read the the best part––the comments of a representative of the Scrub Daddy corporation who somehow becomes aware of my posting and enters into the rhyme fest,) then HERE, then HERE.


Marilyn arrived one day with a package that included a number of the Scrub family whom I had never met before.  They came complete with the note below: “Here is what happens when Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy get together.  Va-Va-Voom!!  Scrub Mommy was there dressed all in pink…

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