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Surrounding Hills


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Thanks, Wind Kisses, For the Lens Artist Challenge “Over the Hill.”

Coupling Couplets

Go swift to work but slower to thy glee,
and you will go with other, not with me.
If two by two in life you choose to go,
you never will regret if going’s slow.
Join hands with one who also squeezes back
or else you will forever mourn its lack.

Choose love by heart and not by merely face

and then regrets will never be the case.

Five heroic couplets on the subject of coupling for dVerse Poets.

Floral Alphabet Challenge, The Letter “K,” Sept 24, 2022

Love this plant, but Zoe uprooted all of them in my planters, along with all the moss roses she could reach. I could save a fortune on dog food and just let this girl graze on my plants and lawn grubs!  Of course I’d have no garden left to speak of.


For my  Floral Alphabet Challenge, Sept 24, 2022: The Letter “K”   Please publish your own and link here in the comments below.

If Truth Were Told

If Truth Were Told

I’d call you oxymoron, but the pun is just too corny,
so I will simply say that you’re as dumb as you are horny.
You’d be Barney Fife’s apprentice if they rated you on brains—
your lantern of enlightenment extinguished by life’s rains.

Your logic is so flimsy that you’re little more than beast.
Left is right, in is out, up’s down and west is east.
When we try to help you, you see reason as assault.
The world is out to get you and nothing is your fault.

Everyone we know says that we should abandon you,
let you reap what you have sown and cook in your own stew,
but we cannot do it. We’re with you to the end,
because for a lifetime, we have called you friend.

Prompt words are lantern, apprentice, flimsy, east, oxymoron and assault.
The goofus in this photo has given permission to use it. None of the other descriptions apply to him, however. (Face by Forgottenman)

Intruder Addendum

Roo as a kitten.

Intruder cat trying to break in.

If you haven’t read yesterday”s blog about my intruder cat, go HERE to read the story before you go on reading this post. This is the happy ending. This morning she was still here, glued to the glass door of the kitchen so I had to nudge her away with the door to get it open to feed the cats. The other two cats rushed inside to get away from her and luckily their dishes from last night’s feeding were still inside. I kept inturder cat at bay while I got a scoop of dry and a packet of wet catfood and filled the dishes, but my cats wouldn’t come to eat even though the door was closed, because they could see the intruder through the glass. So, I had to move their dishes into the living room out of sight of i.c. who continued to yeowl at the door.

I was hoping if i didn’t feed her that she’d go away, but that hadn’t worked. Just then Oscar (Yolanda’s son) got back from walking Zoe and Morrie and Diego and saw what was going on. I asked if he knew the story and he said yes, Yolanda had told them and that she liked the cat. I asked if they had a cat and he said no. Then I asked if he thought Yolanda might adopt the cat and he shook his head enthusiastically “Yes!” So, long story short, I found a small carrier in the garage and drove him home with “their” new kitty. I told him I thought perhaps this kitty was a reincarnated Roo, one of the four kittens left on my doorstep a few years ago. I kept them all but two had disappeared after a year or so. Roo had longer hair, but was white like this cat, so perhaps she’d been reincarnated and had sought us out and that was why she was so insistent re/ establishing contact. If you read my friend Rita’s comment on the other blog, perhaps you’ll be convinced that it is so.  If you want to see Roo breaking in as a kitten, watch this YouTube video:

Tarnished Gold

Tarnished Gold 

It’s apparent I’m replaceable. At least it is the shout
that you moved in my replacement as soon as I moved out.
I hope that you remember as you stroll down your new path
that your former roadway contains an aftermath.

The heirlooms of our marriage include three children who
don’t share my intention of divorcing you.
They need a proper father and you’re the only one
licensed to address them as daughter and as son.

On the heirloom ring you gave me on our wedding night,
the chimera of your family crest really wasn’t quite
appropriate, though made of gold polished shiny bright,
An ass head on a serpent’s body would have got it right!


Tenth prompt for the poetry scavenger hunt hosted by A Different Perspective. Write a Golda or incorporate words related to gold into a poem. Is it cheating that I used a poem written six years ago?

(I know gold isn’t supposed to tarnish, but apparently it sometimes does. Perhaps it wasn’t authentic in the first place?)

Floral Alphabet Challenge: The Letter “I” and FOTD, Sept. 22, 2022

Hope you show us your “I” flowers. If you do, please link in comments below as well as in Cee’s FOTD.

The Messy Part of Life

Ally Bean of. The Spectacled Bean asked us Have you posted photos on social media that show the daily, often overlooked, messiness of your life?t Here are mine. Click on photos to enlarge and read the details of these messes!!


Smiled At

Smiled At

The effervescence of your smile
has me soaring mile on mile.
I’m tremulous within your bubble,
It’s elementary. I’m in trouble!

I travel on the lift of you,
billowy in glimmer’s hue.
Transparent from the very start
in what I carry within my heart.

It was as though, once trapped indoors, 
you opened in me all the doors.
And now I float out, high and free,
bearing your smile along with me.


Prompts today are effervescence, elementary, tremulous, indoor, glimmer, billowy.