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New Year Flowers, Dec. 31, 2019

Flowers shed in a churchyard during a celebration of marriage–
an ending and a beginning. Click to enlarge photos.


Christine had a peek inside

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Perfect Ending

Perfect Ending

Reflecting on the old year, he was glad that it was over.
The past year had been full of weeds, devoid of four-leaf clover.
He’d lost his job, divorced his wife and now that he took stock
of all the horrid happenings ticked out on his clock,

he devised a way to end it all. Compiled  every ingredient.
If he was to do this thing, he thought it was expedient
to make a resolution to stage a perfect exit.
He’d do the whole deed solo so no one else could hex it.

He staged a stellar ending—one beyond compare.
He chose the perfect outfit, fussed over nails and hair,
then raised a glass of bubbly as the old year died.
Were you, perhaps, confused at first, expecting suicide????

(Nope, a new beginning!!!)

Prompt words today are stellar, ending, begin, reflect and clock.



Why do all our memories fade out to pastels?
The dulling of the colors, the muffling of the bells?
Often we discover that a happening once dated
becomes a strain of music half-remembered, mostly faded,
and we labor to remember a life so full and vast
that fades down to a shadow relegated to the past.
Better to infuse the present with such light
that all its various colors shine out vividly and bright.

Prompt words are pastel, musical, labor, discover and why.

Rose Arch: FOTD, Dec 30, 2019


This rose arch arcs over this statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe in San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico. 

For Cee’s Dec 30 FOTD. 2019 almost over!!!!