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A Little Beach Music

                                                                                                                      jdb photo

This young lady was in a group of three playing music and singing on the beach.  They were very good. Love this photo augmented by an art nouveau filter on LunaPic


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From string to string and fret to fret,
they draw us into music’s net.
They strum and pick and blithely finger
notes that make us want to linger,
tap the table, move our feet
to their infectious strumming beat.

They are my favorite sort of band––
unique and playing their own brand
of acoustic, bluesy notes––
a kind of music that denotes
connection to a world of hearts.
Their music woos and cuts and smarts.

Opening sensibilities.
Music that unites and frees
our spirits to commune and soar.
Notes that journey to our core.
Which is what music’s meant to do
in  dancehall, city street or pew.

Good music sets our hats askew,
chases us down and counts a coup.
Stirs our hearts and brings a change.
Astounds us with its depth and range.
Draws us with it, layer on layer,
unites us in communal prayer.

Denominationless, it draws
us in and gives a place to pause
together to survey that place
devoid of sex or age or race.
That place where we unite in song.
Give up ourselves, and sing along.

The prompt today is fret.

The Music of Water: The Siberian Ice Orchestra

 If you haven’t heard it before, and if you love music and percussion, this is a must-see:



The world’s purest ice! Efim Viktorov, 21, filmed during group’s ice gig. Picture: Etnobit group

Candelaria and Rodeo: Cee’s Black and White Challenge––Music

Candelaria and Rodeo

The wild parade with band that marks the opening of rodeo week was supposed to start at seven but finally passed at 9:30.  It was no problem at all as we were at Lora Loka’s listening to these three fabulous musicians/singers.  Tamales, chile, sopes, pozole and atole plus excellent company.  Ahhhhhh.  Mexico is one big celebration.  Parties or free dinners sponsored by different politicians, the ejido or private individuals every day and/or night.  Guess this isn’t the week I’ll get caught up on my sleep.

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Lennie Gallant: Searching for Abegweit


I’m still on Prince Edward Island and this is the show that I went to tonight.  I cancelled my plane reservations at a penalty of nearly $400 to stay to see it and I must say it was worth it!!! Best show I’ve ever seen. Hard to duplicate the effect of his lyrics, music, story seques and the incredible background projections of his sister’s paintings, but here is one song:

Here is the same song, but with the images of his sister’s stunning paintings behind him:

If you ever get a chance to see it, don’t hesitate. Has anyone else seen it?

Melody Medley


Ah, finally, after one and a half hours of sleep the night before I left, a good seven hours of sleep!  I’m at my friends Dianne and Andy’s fabulous farmhouse on Prince Edward Island after seventeen hours of traveling yesterday.  I hear them stirring downstairs and it is two hours later here.  I know their grandbaby is due to come any minute now, so since the prompt word today is “Melody,”  I’m going to fall back on three early posts I’ve done about music.  If you’d like, please refer to one or all three and forgive me for shirking my duty for one day.  My favorite is this afternoon partially spent sharing old melodies with friends:

Here are two other melodic posts from the past that I found during a quick search: