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African Tulip Tree: Flower of the Day, March 5, 2017:

IMG_1501 (1).jpg

Sighted these blooms on an African Tulip tree across the street from Martin’s Restaurant, where we conduct our weekly writers group. The roof had a piece of plastic tarp hanging down from it that flapped in the wind, obscuring this view.  I had to take a few to finally get this.  My favorite tree.  I had a yellow one in my yard that was blocking my last view of the lake so sadly I had to cut it down.

The Carwash Tree: Becca’s Sunday Tree Challenge

I meant to show you this entire tree months ago and it kept slipping my mind.  I showed the various stages all showing on the tree at the same time.  Here is the entire tree.  I still don’t know its name. I named it the Carwash Tree because it is in the parking lot of the Lake Taco Carwash in Ajijic, Mexico. (Sit and have a margarita and taco as you wait for your car to be washed.)


This is my long-overdue entry for Becca’s Sunday Tree Challenge.

Sunday Trees 246

Palm trees, hibiscus, bamboo and pistachio tree. Remove them from this scene and what would you have? Trees are both the life and the decorations of our world.  They soften harsh edges as well as some of the ugliness of our world. They give us breath, shade and shelter, food and some of the sweetness of life. They provide homes for birds and other animals and a foundation for our westward expansion.

But most of all, for me, they give a place for my eyes to rest upon that assures me that whatever ills men may promulgate upon other men, that nature remains constant. It is not that it does not change, but within the larger cycle, all is constant, as it is in our human cycle.  What we see as good and evil take their turns in ascendancy, but still, we return at some part of this cycle to the norm. The success of our lives has to do with how hard we work to maintain the norm in our own lives, in spite of what is happening in the larger cycles.

This is what I think of when I look at trees.  For fourteen years, I lived surrounded by Redwood Trees. They were there before I was born and will hopefully be there after I die. Taller and older than us, if they had a consciousness, they could see the larger picture. Our world is a living thing that regards us as a symbiotic partner or a bothersome pest.  It is up to us which we become.


Sunday Trees – 264

Bare Minimum: Sunday Trees, Nov 6,2016


How sparse does a tree have to get before it ceases to be a tree and becomes a branch?

Allenda’s Gardenia: Flower of the Day, Sept.20, 2016


The deer had eaten most of the flowers in my friend Allenda’s hillside gardens, but this gardenia and a few mums had escaped a place in their salad table.  More flowerless photos will follow in a subsequent post.

April asked if gardenias are edible.  Yes, in fact they are said to have a sweet taste when eaten raw.  For a recipe for crystallized gardenia petals, go here: