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Shaving Brush Tree: December 28, 2017 Flower of the Day


The scientific name of this tree, native to southern Mexico, is as surreal as the bloom. it is pseudobombax ellipticium!  More commonly known as the shaving brush tree.

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Does Anyone Know What this Flower Is?

I stopped to photograph this beautiful tree, but I’m unsure what it is. Its blooms look like orchids and so I’ve always called it an orchid tree.  A friend thought it was an hibiscus, but I’m sure it isn’t.  Anyone know the correct name?  Jude at cornwallincolours has solved  the mystery.  It is, in fact a purple orchid tree.  Its scientific name is bauhinia variegata.  Thanks, Jude!  Go see her beautiful varied Cornwall sky photos.  The link is above.

IMG_5092 2IMG_5092

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

Silk Floss Tree

I am so fascinated by this tree that I pulled over to the side of the road to photograph this one.  This is its final stage, when the flowers have formed into pods that have broken open to spill out their floss. In some of the photos, you can see pods that haven’t burst open. These bundles are large–some eight inches to a foot long.  They were used in much the same ways as kapok—for mattress stuffing and protection of items for packing and shipping.

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You can see their luscious blooms HERE.


Weird Fruit: Plumeria, Flower of the Day, Dec 18, 2017


My plumeria tree has plenty of buds and a few blossoms but weird fruit!  My aim was a bit off while throwing the ball for Morrie from the pool.  This time, I fetched.


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Sculpting with Bushes

These sculpted bougainvillea bushes run up the center divider at the entrance to the fraccionamiento where I live.  Quite an artistic and sculptural effect. Click on the first photo to see them better.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees.