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Plumeria (Frangipani): Flower of the Day, May 12, 2017


My plumeria tree is in full bloom right now.  It is in the lower garden right next to my pool, which is raised about 5 feet above it due to the fact that my house is built on a mountain.  So, the blooms are right at eye level and above.  Perfect to enjoy this lovely stage of growth.

Now, go see Cee’s tulip.  Spectacular!!!

April Showers bring May Flowers: Royal Poinciana

My Royal Poinciana is positively lush right now.

Cee’s May Day flowers are here:

Sunday Trees, Apr 23, 2017

Version 2

I planted this Royal Poinciana tree sixteen years ago.  It now shades 1/3 of my front garden as well as a good bit of the street.  These seed pods grow to a couple of feet in length.

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Flower in the Making: Flower of the Day, Apr 11, 2017

Version 2

This Royal Poinciana is just about to pop!