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Royal Poinciana Tree Abloom FOTD, Apr 25, 2020


I can’t seem to get a photo that does this Royal Poinciana tree in the front yard of my house justice. The sun was too bright this morning. I’ll try again this afternoon.

It’s only negative feature is that it is messy when the petals begin to fall. Here they are, above and below. Click on photos to enlarge.



For Cee’s FOTD.

Pistachio Blooms with Fruit 3/31/20


I’m so excited. This is the first time I’ve seen my pistachio loaded with nuts. I’m sure the birds will get them all before they completely ripen, but at least I got this shot!!


And here is the same tree three weeks ago, when there were profuse blooms but no nuts that I could see.


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Two More Brushes with the Shaving Brush Tree FOTD Mar 10, 2020




For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

Silk Floss Trees

IMG_5511These trees go from leaves and stunningly exotic flowers to big seed pods that burst open and fall to the ground to reveal these large puffs of silk floss. The seeds can be used to produce cooking oil and the floss used like kapok.

Shaving Brush Bloom: FOTD, Dec 8, 2019


I have driven under the huge tree that sits in front of Pasiano’s house thousands of times over the past 18 years and only today did I notice that it is a shaving brush tree! One of my favorite blooms and the only one I’d seen before was in La Ribera in Baja California. I stopped the car, backed up and got out to take a few shots. Amazing what we can overlook so close to home.

Click on photo to enlarge.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

Flame Tree: FOTD Nov 27, 2019


This huge African Tulip Tree (Flame Tree) shades the entire courtyard at the Chapala Society, but from where I sat, I could see only two blooms at the very top–20 or 30 feet above me. This is one of them.

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