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My perception see-saws between wonderment and worry,
all our lovely world devoted to such hurry
that in the furious ruckus, much is overlooked,
as if every second has been overbooked.

Take time to watch the sunrise and to hear the finch’s song.
Pick these things like flowers and carry them along.
Everything’s a lesson. All of nature is a book,
so between your rushing-offs, be sure to have a look.

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Prompt words today are wonderment, ruckus, see-saw, perception, lesson and sing.

Windfall: FOTD Mar 30, 2023

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My plumeria tree had barely produced a few blooms when a strong wind blew this petal down like an offering to me. It’s nice to have it back starting to leaf out and bloom.

For Cee’s FOTD


Weeds (For dVerse Poets)


They poke their heads through every crack.
We pull them out, but they come back.
What rule of nature is to blame
that the flowers we plant don’t do the same?

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