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Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots

All the flowers are crying, their petals streaming drops
inherited from rivers flooding over troughs
running up above them, collecting all the streams
that run down the roof top and across the beams.

The rainfall is most copious. It kisses windowpanes
with countless fractured raindrops, each falling where it deigns.
If this were not a school day, I’d run about outside.
This staying inside looking I cannot abide.

I’d rather splash in puddles, damming off the flood
with my rubber rain boots, crushing down the mud
to form private embankments to stem the rushing tide.
What an unfair punishment, this keeping me inside.

Reading, maths and spelling cannot hold my attention,
for I have these new rubber boots I am driven to mention.
I can’t wait ’til recess so I can try them out,
for in rainy weather, splashing’s what it’s about!!!!


Prompts today are “a flower cried,school, crush, copious and kiss.

Photo Credits: Red boots by Rupert Brooks , blue boots by markus Spiske, both on Unsplash, used with permission.

I “Cee” Your Boots and Raise You Fifteen!

Cee and I seem to be having a bit of a private boot challenge going here.  First, she published THIS, then I published THIS, then she published THIS and I published the blog you are viewing. If you’d like to join in, post your boots both HERE and HERE.

Phew.  That’s a lot of links.  Bet they’ll pick this up as spam. If not, come on.  Show us your boots!!!

Pink Boots!!!

For the Pink challenge this week, Cee published a photo of a pair of pink cowboy boots.  My competitive side came out, so I have to publish these two photos of the hot pink suede cowboy boots I wore with my wedding dress! Two of these gals who went to school with me from grade one through twelve came from Wyoming to California to witness this event they had probably decided would never happen so they had to witness it for themselves.  The other one, also from Wyoming,  I’d never met before, but she decided when she heard about those boots, no doubt, to come see for herself. Rita is in the middle, back row.  Sheila is to your right. They are the two old friends.

scan096 2scan097 2

Three blacks balance out the two pinks.  The other feet belong to friends from my women’s poetry group in L.A. and to Liz, a friend I knew in Australia who came from Texas for the event. It was fun seeing folks from my varied lives all mixed together at the wedding.  This was 31 years ago, folks, so no congratulations are in order.

Here is the prompt site: