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Seven Day Challenge

I received this challenge from my friend Alex Solomon.  Okay, girl, here goes.  Hard for me to post with no words, but. . . . .“Seven days. Seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanation. Challenge someone new each day.”

Day 1


Today I challenge Marilyn Armstrong.

Grand Circle

(Click on first photo to enlarge all) There is a poem after the photos. Someone just suggested I note that here because he didn’t notice it the first time he looked at this post.

Grand Circle

Circle of sunlight, orb of the moon.
Each of their passages over too soon.
What we may find as the day or the night
gives over to nature in its swift flight
is only the present. It isn’t forever.
No matter how talented, selfless or clever
we’ve fashioned ourselves, we’ll all come around
to serve our real purpose, to nurture the ground.

Time chisels away with its constant cruel rasp.
The hold of a lover loses its grasp.
Circles of friends are too quickly diminished.
Everything started soon seems to be finished.
Each rolling stone must encounter a wall.
The dough of the universe rolled in a ball
still lives by the edict that rules us all.
Whatever has risen is certain to fall.

The very stuff of the bodies we live in
are atomic circlings that we’ve been given
to use for awhile before giving them back
to continue their course on whatever the track
is the larger extension of what we’ve been given—
the next destination to which we’ll be driven.
This circle we live from year’s start to December
is simply the circle that we can remember,
most of us hoping we’ll be up to par
for inclusion in nature’s recycling bazaar.


The prompt today was circle.

Wit and the Art of Courtship




Wit and the Art of Courtship

I simply do not care a whit
so long as you have brains and wit
whether you have looks or fame,
degreed initials by your name,
yachts, mansions or limousines.
These things are surely not the means
to win my heart and claim my hand.
I would not wear a wedding band
for cash or notoriety.
It must be given you for free.
If our minds have found a fit,
my heart will go along with it.


The prompt today was witty.

Honeysuckle: Flower of the Day, Sept 28, 2017



This flower is just making it entirely too easy and irresistible to pull off those blooms and suck. And yes, they were very very sweet.


Future sweetness.


For Cee’s Flower prompt.

Waking Up



Yesterday, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s newest edition Dreams and the Unexplainable came out. I happened to be going through my junk mail and found a notice that there was to be a podcast of selected pieces from the book today.  I tuned in and was astonished to find my story “Waking Up” was the first one that was presented.   You never know what the day is going to bring.  Here is the link: