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Manual Landscape

Jennifer has a new photography prompt generator that I thought I’d try out.  The prompt I drew was “Manual Landscape,” which reminded me of this photo I took yesterday.  A few days ago, I posted a picture of these chiles and their bloom.  (See that posting Here.)At the time, it occurred to me that the viewers would have no idea of how small they are, so yesterday, I decided to hold them in my hand to show scale. So, my hand provides the “manual” and the plant provides the landscape!  Perfect.

IMG_4437 IMG_4444

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Thunbergia: Flower of the day, 8/31/15

We just planted a new little Thunbergia which I hope will cover the  water heater for the hot tub since the vines that have covered it for 12 years suddenly died.  Thrive and prosper, little vine! (This is the defunct water heater we placed Little Bird’s nest on. He later fell out of the nest and was trapped behind this chicken wire, but was rescued.  Bad plan!

IMG_4342 Version 3

IMG_4411IMG_4417  IMG_4414IMG_4419 (2) IMG_4413


Her statement that she’d had a vision
was met by general derision;
so though she tried to warn them all,
they heeded nothing but “last call!”

So while she stocked up her provisions,
they hemmed and hawed with their decisions
and had a round of boozy toasts–
gave their laments, boasted their boasts.

Then they went west while she went east
and thus were eaten by the beast
or overtaken by the flood.
Soaked in water or in blood.

The moral of this little tale
is heed your mystics, or learn to bail
or run faster than the beast
lest you become his morning’s feast

or starve to death in time of drought.
Her warnings met with only doubt
instead of action to stem the tide,
by those who stood as one. And died.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Decisions, Decisions.”How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Which Way?

Which Way?

This way?

IMG_4376Or this way?IMG_4379This Way?

IMG_4374Or this way?IMG_4381This way?IMG_4383Or this way?
IMG_4359 (1)
This was the first lesson in the new girl’s dance class for girls age 10-14 in our pueblo.  Cynthy, the instructor, did a great job and as you can see, the girls paid close attention and I think did wonderfully well.  I could hardly stand not dancing along with them.  (To be truthful, there was a big mirror in front of them.  I stood a bit to the side in the very back and did execute a few of the moves, hoping they couldn’t see me.  Then I realized if I could see any of them in the mirror, then they could see me, too.)

I’m very excited about this class and hope the girls remain interested. I’ll sponsor the instruction costs for the first 20 and buy their costumes.  Then I hope after their first performance, other sponsors will step forward.  Next, a boy’s class of break dancing or other moves that might appeal to them.

Source of my youth, or Forever Young

This is so adorable that I have to reblog it. I’ve been following this father’s account of his family life for about a year now and it just keeps getting more fun. Wonder if we’ll still be following her adventures when she is twenty? Just in case, you’d better jump on the blogwagon now.

Happy Things: Sunday Stills

Happy Things


Working in my art studio makes me happy, although I haven’t done so for almost a year.  I wonder why?  Too caught up in blogging, I fear.  I need to consider that question in the upcoming months.
IMG_5344 copyWhat I make in my studio.  “Juguetes.”
DSC05397Trees make me happy.  Especially palm trees that provide shade but don’t block the view!!!  And create a beautiful view all their own.

DSCN2469I love entertaining friends and family at my house.DSC05291 (Including those who won’t let me take their pictures as well as those who do.)

IMG_3969 (1)Friends who are there to greet me every time I come home.
DSC08846And their friends, as well.
IMG_3606And, of course, blogging makes me very happy, so if you are reading this right now, you are one of the things that makes me happy, too!

The Prompt: What Makes You Happy? *

Tracking: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge 2015, Week 35

I love this picture and don’t know where else it would fit in, so I’m declaring it an oddball! The little silver spots must be a parasite, but we can imagine fairy footprints if we wish.

Or, perhaps this guy stepped in silver paint and had something to do with it: