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Trick Retreat

At five o’clock they climb the hill and they ring my bell.
When I do not answer, the mob begins to swell.
Their cries of “We want Halloween!!” resound like cries from Hell.

My dogs begin a clamoring—and barks turn into growls.
The children’s only English words digress to angry howls
that prompt a shiver down my back––a loosening in my bowels.

I give in and seize the bowl and open up the gate.
The children swell around me, angry I’m so late.
They dig their hands into the bowl—in no mood for debate.

When I scream out “Take only one!” they begin to mind,
and they become more orderly and line up one behind
another as a snake of children starts to move and wind

from the bottom of the hill up to my front door
but when it seems I’ve served them all, there are always more:
one hundred, then two hundred, three hundred and then four!

And when I think the line perhaps is starting to get thin,
I finally discover that they got in line again
and came back to my doorway––where they’ve already been!

My candy store’s diminished, in fact there is no more
and they grow disorderly, waiting at my door
as I distribute all my fruit—right down to the last core.

Then I start giving canned goods—beans and corn and peas.
By the time my larder’s empty, they have brought me to my knees.
“Please, go home,” I beg them. “Leave my house now, please!”

But they have no pity. They are carrying off my plants.
I go into my closets and bring out my shirts and pants.
Still I hear requests for more—their demands and their rants.

I give them all my easy chairs, my pictures and my rugs,
my glasses and my dishes, my pots and pans and mugs.
From my refrigerator, I return with bowls and jugs.

Until my house is empty, they refuse to go away;
but finally I have no more, and I begin to pray
that they will soon release me from this relentless fray.

And then I see a ray of hope as across the street
my neighbor opens up his door and children’s footsteps beat
in a new direction—as they mount a swift retreat.

I hear my neighbor’s screams and cries as they shout for more.
Though I should go and help him, I’m yellow to the core
as I take the coward’s action and swiftly slam my door!!!

Mexico is lovely. It’s warm and lush and green.
I love its smiling people. I love its rich cuisine.
But there’s one drawback to living here that I have clearly seen.


1913688_1136037647847_2684641_n 1913688_1136037727849_5594428_n 1913688_1136038367865_7037617_n 1913688_1136038287863_5588685_n1913688_1136037767850_5683525_n (1)1913688_1136038167860_1696102_n 1913688_1136038127859_5133796_n 1913688_1136038527869_395578_n 1913688_1136038207861_6603987_nIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick or Trick.” Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

8 thoughts on “Trick Retreat

  1. Soul n Spirit

    My God, What a scary gallery of Halloween ! We don’t get to see hare in India. We do have Halloween theme parties and last year I attended one. I can imagine your plight, I could never give away with my clothes and mugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Of course this was all hyperbole…They did swarm into my compound and the big boys kept making their way back to the front, but the rest was all fiction. Now we all give tons of candy and make bags and the kids come to one place to collect them.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. janebasilblog

    Between you and me, (and anyone else who is reading this) I don’t like halloween because of trick-or-treating. I find the practice of allowing your children to go from door-to-door begging for candy is questionable on several levels. In the US it’s a fairly old tradition, but I was shocked when it became commonplace in the UK. My children all disagree with me on this one, though my elder two, who have children of their own go with my grandchildren on halloween – they don’t let them roam the streets alone.
    Does that make me a killjoy, or just someone with high moral standards?



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