“Mr. Crow” reblogged – again (+bonus)

Hello, LifeLessons readers, ForgottenMan still here.

Judy and Leslie are winding down their “writing intensive”, still focused on writing and polishing their manuscripts. While they toil away Judy asked me to reblog some of her older poems. It’s a fun gig for me as I stroll back through her blog archive, wondering which to select. I did this once before, when she was on a trip. That time I arbitrarily chose to look only at her oldest posts, from 2013  (her first year blogging) to 2014. So I’m looking at 2015 posts this go-around.

I’m kinda cheating tonight. I’m reblogging a poem she first posted in May, 2015, but I’m linking to the version she then tweaked and reblogged in 2017. It’s one of my favorites. It’s called “Mr. Crow“. You can enjoy it, too, by clicking HERE, if you like.

(I almost reblogged “Disinclination (Sleep Phobia)” instead due to the lateness of the hour here but ended up going with “Mr. Crow” instead. But, dammit, I can do both! So, HERE is a bonus reblog link for you, if you’re so inclined. Man, I’m SUCH a rule breaker!)

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