Reblog: Scar

Good evening, LifeLessons readers, OkcForgottenMan still here. Judy is winding down the last day of her writers retreat, and I’m here winding up reblogging some of her older poems. It’s been a fun gig for me as I have strolled back through her blog archive, wondering which to select. I’ll look forward to doing so again, when Judy feels the urge to wander.

My final pick today (and for this go-around?) is a shape poem from May, 2016. Let’s see how you like it. I do. It’s called “Scar“.

3 thoughts on “Reblog: Scar


    Oh OKc you could have forgotten that one, it was inopportune~! I fell yesterday and my face and head took the blow. I look much worse than I feel~! As for the heart shape scar, I vote for the bougainvillea, they have a mind of their own, and reach out and grab you. Anyway this is how I announced my fall on my Facebook.

    Need to tell you one and all,
    about the problem of my fall.
    returned from the store to my place.
    tripped over a rock and landed on my face~!

    But I’ll get will, and be OK,
    just resting here for another day.
    and while I’m not able to walk around,
    writing rhymes is a trick I found~!

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