Judy’s computer is kaput for awhile.

She is unable to post here or to read or respond to her emails. This just happened around 2 pm local time (CST) today (Saturday, Jan. 3), and it’s too early to know how or when she’ll be able to get back online.

Personally, I’ll be drinking much earlier & heavier until she’s back online.

UPDATE: It’s after midnight on Sat/Sun, and Judy has email access again, thanks to her Kindle. But she still can’t access her blog; I’m her seeing-eye duck here. (Her laptop may need a new motherboard. Ouch!)

(Um, hey, I just realized I’m in COMPLETE control of her blog now. What mischief may I set afoot herein, to strut and fret? The early rum made me do it. That will be my defense. Yeah, that’ll work.)

(An update is posted here)

Okcforgottenman, aka Duckie

4 thoughts on “Judy’s computer is kaput for awhile.

    1. lifelessons

      I dropped a Coke on my Mac Air and burned out the motherboard. Can’t fix it in Mexico. Sob. Typing on a Kindle which is slow and schizophrenic. Last night it started speaking Czechoslovakian. Judy

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