hear and know

I spent yesterday and last night at my friend Linda’s house.  There will be more about that in a later post.  For now, here is a simple little poem about living in the here and now.


hear and know

water drops
from sky or hose
where it comes from
no one knows

the blinds are pulled
I only hear
water moving
very near

morning’s new
the world I wake in
has new sounds
for me to take in

open eyes
and feet on floor
morning waits
outside my door

the smell of coffee
invites me there
my friend waiting
for me to share

how can I know
until I rise
what new world
will meet my eyes

at the window
curtains billow
deer grazing
on weeping willow

window washer
rings the bell
i greet the day
this tale to tell.

DSC09979 - Version 2


6 thoughts on “hear and know

  1. baconbits3536@gmail.com

    Your water dripped, down my wall creating, that mess in my hall. ran to fetch a bucket, had no luck got no bucket. Thought of you made my day, really there was nothing, better to say one drip can lead to another. Thanks have a great life.

    Liked by 1 person


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