Back Window

Back Window

I take a break from my last chore
to peer through glass, ceiling to floor.
For though a view I never lack,
my house’s eyes are all in back.
I watch the gardener cut and trim,
the locksmith to the right of him.

One scrubs the algae from the pool—
a craftsman polishing his jewel.
A man on ladder repairs the wall,
the tree-trimmer the highest of all.
See how we tend her outer skin–
they without and we within?

Yolanda sweeps the terrace floor,
then comes inside to sweep some more.
Inside I watch and labor, too,
for there are many tasks to do.
I dust and gather detritus,
smooth out wrinkles, straighten muss.

Three days a week we labor so
until I wonder if I know
which is the owner and which the thing
that luxury and comfort brings?
Dear house, is it you that harbors me,
or am I here to maintain thee?

DSC09933 DSC09379 DSC09411 DSC09498 DSC09902 IMG_1520 IMG_1512 DSC09935

          The Boss:



In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.”
Look out your back window or door — describe what you see. 

13 thoughts on “Back Window

  1. alhowlinwater

    Hi Judy,
    That large hole in your wall, was it caused by earth movement or did some pesky plant put a hole there with it’s roots?



    1. lifelessons Post author

      Earth movement. I’m on the side of a mountain and this happened some months after we had weeks of heavy rain and then a supersaturated cloud let loose above my house…All our downward streets turned into rivers and stones as large as cars were washing down out of the mountains..Then there were huge slides that took out houses and walls and dredged out all the downward streets and carried their cobblestones down and through the town and into the lake. It took us a year to get back in shape, but luckily I was not on a street that had been an arroyo so this was all the damage my house sustained…mainly because the ground was so soaked.

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  2. iseeiseesaidme

    Wow, you have got a lot going on there…always feels good to see repair work done. I guess you look after the house ad the house looks after you and not necessarily in that order.


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