The Prompt: Write a piece of fiction describing the incident that gave rise to the phrase, “third time’s the charm.
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Charm School for Cinderella

Stir the pot round and round
until no essence can be found
of division between root and seed
between your wishes and the deed
that brought you here to my woods abode
for me to birth and coax and goad
fate to give you what you wish–
Prince Charming on a golden dish.

Throw this leaf to spin and bubble.
It removes your courting trouble.
Stir in this bleeding heart and mold
to wrest affection from the cold.
Now stir three times with unfaltering arm.
One time, two times, three time’s the charm!
And lest you find these arts disarming,
remember, the result is Charming!


19 thoughts on “Charm School for Cinderella

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes–a gift from a friend. I sacrificed the actual cards for this piece which I made 5 years ago. Since it was entitled ‘Love Charms,’ I couldn’t resist using it for this prompt. I added some elements, as I tend to do from time to time–as do friends.


  1. calensariel

    Adorable charm! I should have hired you to write the charm for the manuscript I have sitting here finished that needs editing! Can’t even remember what mine said now. It’s sat there for over a year. 90,000 words.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have a story about these cards that I drew at random to give me advice re/ a romance I was experiencing at the time–5 years ago, actually. When it came time to attach them to the retablo, I couldn’t find one of them. I looked everywhere on the floor, desk, where it may have dropped. I couldn’t find it so drew another card and 5 minutes later, found the missing card in my pocket. I don’t know how it could have fallen there, and I certainly hadn’t put it in my pocket! At any rate, it was the 4th card that really gave the best advice –coupled with the other three cards. Now I’ve really gone and scared you, no???? There was a time in my life when I consulted the Tarot, just to help me think things out. I no longer do, but looks like it still has something to teach me!

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      1. Irene Waters 19 Writer Memoirist

        My friends and I also used to consult the cards. We were young living in the nurses home and consulted for our love prospects as well. One day I asked the question would I ever see this person again. My friend gave me the cards answer of “there will be a fatal or near fatal accident and this will cause you to see him again.” A day later another friend had a bad motor bike accident causing me to see this other fellow again. I felt somewhat responsible for his accident and never touched tarot cards again.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Irene–I don’t think the Tarot is ever this completely literal. I wonder if this was your friend’s interpretation or if you were following a book interpretation. I can see why you were scared off for life! I think most of these aids help you to find an answer within your self more than being actual “fortunetelling” aids…In other words, as with a lot of other things in life, I both do and don’t believe in them! At any rate, no one “causes” them. I felt the same way about a dream I had the night before the event that caused my dad’s death. Never again did I want to dabble with ESP, etc. But foreseeing something does not mean you cause it…Rest easy.

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