The Prompt: Mouth Drop: Creatively describe one moment when your mouth dropped open, chin hit the ground, and tears rolled down your face!

Drop Jaw

Embarrassment or joy or mace
might cause tears to flood your face,
but did you ever really see
someone’s jaw down on his knee,
much less his chin upon the floor?
This feat seems like senseless lore.
So surely you can clearly see,
this prompt is pure hyperbole!

13 thoughts on “Drop Jaw!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Would you believe I wrote a different poem on my blog and just as I was getting ready to save it, it disappeared! No, it hadn’t been saved and so I had to start all over again. Same idea, but it always feels like the first version must have been the best. At least this was a short poem. I’ve done it with much longer ones. Why do I never learn to save drafts as I go or write in a document and paste? I just get into it and forget all practicalities. Grrrr. Thanks for kind words.

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