Zeroing In: Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

Zeroing In

The Prompt: Show us a couple examples of your work where you have a strong, easily identifiable subject.

DSC09260I like lots of detail in pictures of rooms and people because those details tell a story.We can tell by the nacimientos on the buffet that it is Christmas time.  That little two-necked clay cup on the table will create an entirely different story soon after this picture was taken.  You can see that story HERE.

DSC09262But I think this is a better picture composition-wise.  There are still a number of details, but they are more unified as they are all grouped together on the table.

Version 2I like this portrait of my friend  a lot.

Version 3Yet when I crop the portrait down to the eyes, they seem to tell a complete story of their own.

DSC07680I took many pictures of my friend Audrey the day this photo was taken, but this was by far my favorite.  It shows her good nature, reveals her camera and in my estimation, is more intriguing due to the limb she is behind.


Okay, now on to the second challenge. For the Gold Star Award, Find examples of your work that illustrate these three emotions:  something that is beautiful or inspiring, something that makes you laugh, and another that makes you feel sad or melancholy.

Version 2Here is another portrait that I love because they are both so happy. It is inspiring to me that they are obviously good friends who know how to enjoy themselves.  I cropped this picture to make it more intimate and I think the cropping turned out right.

DSC00023DSC09788These two shots of the same subject make me feel melancholy. Which do you prefer?  In this case, I like the one with more detail because it is within those details that the story resides.

468303_2668458557412_950835974_oI took this picture at carnival (mardi gras) Iin Ajjic. It is a raucous, flour-throwing, rowdy time.  And of course, these fellows made me laugh.

4 thoughts on “Zeroing In: Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge

  1. Cee Neuner

    Hi Judy these are great photos and do tell a story. I like the closer crop on your first set of photos, but then I think we were suppose to. LOL Wonderful entry all around. 😀


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Cee. Yes, I liked the closer crops also. Except for the one of the sculpture on the deck. I liked that it seemed to be watching the people in the water and people engaged in life’s activity as it sat frozen on the corner of the porch.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Isn’t it funny? Those guys were so brave. Carnival here is crazy. Besides the floats, groups of (generally) guys all dressed up and throwing hands full of flower all over the crowd. Hard on cameras, though. That’s why lots go up on the rooftops to view…But I once saw a guy climb up on the rooftop to douse all the folks up there. Great photo opportunity.



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