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                                                    My Imaginary Friend

I have never had an imaginary friend until four years ago, when one suddenly appeared.  She has a special function in my life: memory.  When I’m driving to town and suddenly forget exactly where it is I’m going, I prod her and within a few seconds, she has the answer for me.  She never tires of these prods–even when I ask her the same question twice within the space of an hour or two.  Sometimes she even leaves me notes on the refrigerator.  “Catfood,” she scribbles, “Lampshade.” “Hem pants!”

As is necessary with good friends, I forgive her her shortcomings as she forgives mine.  When it took her an entire week to come up with the name of a woman whose name I keep confusing with another, I did not chide her.  When I forgot the name of one flower for an entire year, I ceased even asking her to provide an answer and in its own sweet time, memory brought the name to me with no prodding.

As with all imaginary friends, I do not call attention to her in public. We have our conversations in private, usually as I rail against myself, “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” when the correct information will not come with the ease that it did before this particular decade.

It is she who decided I needed a wall hanger for glasses and keys and after fruitless minutes of my daily searches, reminds me that my car keys and reading glasses are where they’re supposed to be–on the rack!  She has been doing this for years, without complaint, and one of my main fears in life is that she will pass on before I do.

We have a pact, my imaginary friend and I, and if it is up to her and me, we will die peacefully, side by side, forty years from now when we are 108.  By then she will be so worn out that she will deserve a rest, and by then I will probably be all too willing to go with her.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend.”Many of us had imaginary friends as young children. If your imaginary friend grew up alongside you, what would his/her/its life be like today?

16 thoughts on “My Imaginary Friend.

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Do you make your requests in Hebrew? I think my friend was always there but was better integrated before. Now, unless I’m writing, I’m pretty aware of the fact that there is an entire part of my brain that isn’t as well-oiled as it used to be. When I need to find something on my computer, I have to THINK about where the finder is! All those automatic fast synapses have gotten creaky.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Fun that you asked, Lourdes. Yes, I’m ready to take requests again. As I remember it, last time you gave a very good one. Want to do quotes again or just a topic or starting line? I’m ready to play!!!


  1. Lourdes Mint

    Re: our earlier discussion, I actually think your favorite quotes prompt was great, simple but effective, because it was very accessible for others and, as it turned out, seemed very fruitful for you too … and therefore all of us ;. A couple of other ideas: people tell you their most or least favorite fortune from a fortune cookie (kind of cheesy?),OR something they overheard from someone else’s conversation that they have puzzled over forever, OR a memory fragment (a single image, a moment, a smell or sound) that they could never place or make sense of but has always stuck with them. LIKE ANY OF THOSE??



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