Halloween in Mexico

Halloween in Mexico

LOUD constant cherrybomb-level explosions that went on for hours, a few dozen feet from where I was docenting the art show, flags on the oldest church in town, LOUD banda music, shopping in the plaza stands, construction of the towering castillo for the night’s firework display, flowers, toys, signs directing dogs to be polite and not pee in the flowers and plants, doggies in full regalia, senoritas in full regalia, wild socks and shoes that were not part of a costume, a gourmet feast at Viva Mexico, Children’s chorus, Agustin’s solo with the children’s choir, a dead bread vendor (a vendor selling dead bread, not a deceased vendor) breaks out into opera and steals the show, tequila samples, women selling adorable knitted hats in the form of ninja turtles, lambs and frogs, tap dancing skeletons, children streaming by in the streets to trick and treat or lining up for face painting. All this and Day of the Dead hasn’t even started!!!
IMG_7427 IMG_7454 IMG_7468 Version 2 IMG_7446 IMG_7435 Version 2


3 thoughts on “Halloween in Mexico

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Al! I posted another shot of her today–or perhaps yesterday–for the “Pink” prompt. (It was a different picture so seemed legit to post this one.) This one would have been perfect for the “back” prompt a few weeks ago.


  1. 49lilykatz

    Thank you for adding beauty to the world. I’m finding that those whose grief is deep are also the most compassionate. That’s a fabulous verbal snapshot of chaos. Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

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