Worth its Salt

Since opposites attract, I’m linking my Salt posting to this Sugary prompt as well!

Worth its Salt

One of the first sights we saw when we drove into Cuyutlan for our writers’ retreat was a sign that said, “Salt Museum.”  I determined then and there that I had to see it before we left, and we did so on the way out of town three days later. Here are some pictures I took.


The bones are of a whale that washed ashore some years ago.  The lovely edifice is, of course, the exotic museum itself. The little creatures are carved from coconuts by locals.  I resisted purchasing one.

Other pictures are of various steps in the salt collection process.  The building is probably one of the weathered wooden storage sheds that warehoused the salt waiting to be shipped via rail. Cuyutlan was one of the major salt suppliers for the Guanajuato silver mines and I have read that the area is still a major producer of sea salt.

HERE is a link to Maria Holm’s photos and stories of the Mariager Salt Center, that prompted me to make this posting.

Here’s the Sugar prompt as well.


5 thoughts on “Worth its Salt

  1. Elyse

    This brought back a smile. We lived in Switzerland for a time when my son was in grammar school. One field trip sent the kids to a salt mine. I was in stitches at the idea of it– because of the metaphor. The Americans laughed along with me; the Europeans thought we were all weird.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think the entire world thinks we are weird and they may be right!!! Wonder where that expression of being sent to the salt mines came from? Certainly they can’t be that common. Must be it was backbreaking work.

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