Pineapple: Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge, Day 6


This pineapple is growing on my terrace.  We have been guarding it and watching it grow for what seems like a year.  Yes, we will eventually eat it as we did the two other pineapples I have grown in the past 5 years, which were the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.  Same with my papayas, although the first fruit off the newest generation of trees was a disappointment.  I think Pasiano picked it too green.  This time I will chance losing them to the possums and squirrels and let them ripen on the tree.  Same with this pineapple.  It’s so beautiful that it is no problem to wait as long as possible to harvest it. All of this horticulture is taking place at my house in San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico–a mile high on a lake about an hour distant from Guadalajara. Paradise.


I was invited by Cee from to participate in a challenge called Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. (Check out Cee’s wonderful nature photos by clicking on the link above.

As part of this challenge, I am to post one nature photograph a day for one week and to ask one other person to join the seven-day challenge each day I post.  Today I ask you to check out the  photography of the Jagged Man at  as I’m nominating him to take part in the Seven Day Nature Challenge as well. I hope you will check out his link for a real treat.  

9 thoughts on “Pineapple: Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge, Day 6

    1. lifelessons Post author

      England has other glories. One of the best vacations of my life was driving my mother through the backroads of England, Scotland and Wales. What a beautiful and lush place England is.

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