Judy’s Internet Woes Continue – a guest blog

This is ForgottenMan posting an update to let y’all know that I just got a call from Judy. She is again/still without internet, but she’s sending out good, good, good, good vibrations to her faithful readers and friends. Right now she and her house guests are watching what she describes as the most intense, spectacular lightning display of her life, to the southeast of her house, across Lake Chapala. I insisted she grab her camera and video it for us! I hope she can, but there is tequila involved tonight. Lots and lots of tequila.

8 thoughts on “Judy’s Internet Woes Continue – a guest blog

  1. slmret

    Even still shots would be welcome! If you talk again, tell her to stay safe — the internet will settle down after the storm is over! Please ask her to have some tequila for me, too!

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    Our internet has been up and down for a couple of weeks. I finally gave in and called Charter and they reprovisioned the two modems (one for the phone and the other for the Internet) and so far, so good. I haven’t had to reboot for a few hours and the phone is working again. If this doesn’t work, it’s probably another case of the squirrels eating the wires again.

    We’ve also had terrible weather. First all the storms and the wind and the lightning … followed by extreme heat and humidity. We had the lightning and thunder today, but no rain. It must have rained somewhere else. Too bad we don’t drink. Some tequila might improve conditions here immensely!


  3. Debananda Roy

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