9 thoughts on “Fascinating

  1. electqualfiedmiddleclass

    Wow, I am guessing it is putting up a wire fence. The video does not show the full view. It reminds me my abuelita or grandma (we call her bisabuela = great grandma) who had an old home near Tiger Stadium in Detroit. She worked very hard at a factory making faucet and metal parts, earning minimum wage. She was thrifty and cooked at home almost always. She bought an expensive wire fence for her yard. As I recall it was about $5000 to $6000. Then she decided to move away from the city area to more country, where she bought a mobile home. That home is still standing and on the very rare occasion we are in that city, we might swing over to see it. The color of the siding is different. I think the wire fence is gone now. Its been about 7 years since we swung over. My grandma had beautiful huge lilacs at the house’s yard and beautiful red roses at the mobile home. Her green thumb was fantastic compared to mine.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I had to look again. You are absolutely correct, Eilene. I thought the entire cylinder just spun around but looking very closely, they are split, but they spin as well. Now I have to rethink the process….why they need to be split.

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