Reblog: Singlish

Uno mas: the encore. Good morning, LifeLessons readers, OkcForgottenMan still here. Judy has completed her writers retreat and is planning on driving to the Pacific beach town of La Manzanilla today, so I’m extending my reblogging of some of her older poems. It’s been a fun gig for me as I have strolled back through her blog archive, wondering which to select. I’ll look forward to doing so again, when Judy feels the urge to wander.

My pick today is a delightfully imaginative ditty she posted in May, 2016. It’s called “Singlish“. I hope y’all enjoy, as always.

2 thoughts on “Reblog: Singlish

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful! when the windows were open we’ve heard robins singing their hearts out, seemingly singing along with the young folks who were singing to the seniors at the Villa.
    However, don’t anyone invite any Aussie crows. I read that the crows living near an Australian air base learned to imitate the soldiers’ alarm clocks. The clocks went off at 6:00 but the crows started going off at 4:00.



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