6 thoughts on “Hah!!!

      1. SAM VOELKER

        Worked on a surface geology project in the badlands while living in Bowman ND. Lived in Green River, Rock Springs (which I did not like), Laramie, Jackson (I liked), Stopped counting but I have you outnumbered in places I lived up there but not length of time. Want to count~? All except Washington and Oregon.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I lived in Murdo, S.D., 50 miles from the Badlands. Went to college in Laramie for 5 years, taught school in Cheyenne for 7. Did my student teaching in Rawlins… near Rock Springs/Green River. Now visit Sheridan where my sister and a number of good friends live.

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          1. SAM VOELKER

            I did not know Murdo which sounds like a cool cat saying he killed someone. But I must have passed through it on my way to Rapid City.

            Really liked Laramie and it had a great Chinese restaurant, but it would be a small town for a university, for me that would be a GOOD. It was only about six months after we got married and the truck that all of our earthly belongings were in caught fire west of Laramie in the Red Desert during a terrible sand storm. I was working with the driver trying to save valuable things and when I looked at Shirley she had a box of my old love letters from past girl friends throwing them into the fire one at a time~!…. She said that these things had been bothering her for a long time, but I had forgotten that I even had them. In a time of sorrow we both got a good laugh out of this. Now there is the birth of a poem. I do not use the “prompt words” as you folks do, but rather a fine memory or an interesting point in history.

            When we were in one of those ground storms, you could not see anything, but you could get on top of the car and see for miles. Never lived in Cheyenne but liked it, did not like Rock Springs or Green River, but green river had a unique eating place which was outside and they cooked Mulligan stew with a wood fire in a huge iron pot outside an old chuck wagon.

            This was when they were having the killings in Green River. I worked on a geological survey in Flaming Gorge, before it was flooded. They were just finishing the dam at that time. That was a beautiful place with red cliffs and now it is gone under the water. In Rock Springs there was talk of building a bypass around the town and I promised myself that when it was finished I would go back just to be able to bypass the damn town. There was one little meat market on the edge of town and they would give you a ticket with a black spot on it, you could wipe the spot off to see if you got a discount, if nothing it just said “thank you” All I ever got was a dirty finger and a thank you.

            We had what was called a “hot shot” job in Rawlings, that is that my field cred stayed there in a motel and I had my office in Rock Springs. I would drive there each morning very early to give them their instructions for the day and pick up data. The main street was very wide, and one morning there was a light snow on the ground, I made a big U turn to get on the proper side where the cafe was. A little later the town cop came in and proceeded to give me a ticket for making an illegal u turn. I told him he was no where around but he had seen my tracks in the snow~! Stupid one cop town~! That was about late 1963, you were probably dating that dumb cop~!

            Wow we could tell war stories for days, especially when we got to North Africa or central America. But it is bed check time now and the kids have already turned in.

            I did teach school for a couple of weeks near Fort McLeod Alberta as a fill in for a friend who had a death in her family. and you may find my poem about that interesting.



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