11 thoughts on “Just Deserts

  1. M. Oniker

    Last week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday was about words one always misspells. Desert/dessert topped my list. 🙂 LoL on the photo. Well… lol in a sad, crying, hysterical way.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well I would have staked my life on that phrase being “Just Desserts,” It’s what I’ve always seen, but it is based on the root for deserve and thus is pronounced like dessert. Who knew? Think of dessert being excessive and the desert being sparse.. thus, two s’s in dessert as in chocolate cake and one s in desert as a sparse wasteland.


    2. SueW

      I taught my students to learn the difference between desert and dessert by remembering that the double S in dessert means Sweet Stuff. With that in mind 🧁you never again Misspell those words.🥧🍩

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