This Time is Just One Time

Wanted to share with you this essay by Jan Wilberg.

Red's Wrap

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Where there is one police brutality case that hits the news, there are 10,000 others that no one hears about.

We’d be fools to think otherwise.

Everything went right to convict Derek Chauvin. Had Darnella Frazier run out of battery on her phone or gotten jostled by another witness or been intimidated by the other officers present, there would have been no video and this case would have gone the way of thousands – police officers’ word against everyone else’s and the police officers would have prevailed.

Had the prosecution stayed local instead of being taken over by the Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, the chances of conviction would have been hugely reduced. Try as they might to be separate, independent entities, local police and prosecutors know each other by name, chat sports in the hallways, and consider themselves on the same team. Their language…

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