13 thoughts on “Daily Funny, Jan 1, 2022


    I remember in the second grade when the teacher took me out into the hall where another teacher and the principal were, and they grilled me about a miss-spelled word that I had somehow accidentally written… To this day I do not know what that word was, but it must have been a doozy~! It was not a “fraudulent slip”, but knowing it may have come in handy in later years~! Thanks, Charley and Judy Brown, you are my HERO’S, both for pointing out; and at other times not pointing out such things~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        It might be difficult to figure out~! back then we learned them both in English and in French from the wall in the boys “toilet”~! Such simple words as “PK” may look innocent to you but was the acronym of a bad word to us~!


      2. SAM VOELKER

        When we were young such words came and went, Most I learned in French on the walls of the boys restroom. Also, I would spend hours looking up dirty words in the World Book Britannica or encyclopedia, and hoping to find “dirty pictures” attached. Unfortunately, the Sears Catalogue had to suffice back then, but now all you need to do is watch TV and they have even done away with the bloomers and the movies even show a man and a woman in the same bed, sometimes even more than that~! Too much for a man of my age~!

        My mother use to take us to many church meetings and once she took us to one such event many miles away, it was one of those “all day things”~! Why did they take kids to such things, it only put questions in the minds of the inquiring kids (such as me) to last a lifetime~?. The evangelist based his sermon on “The Sins In The Bathtub”; so now I have spent the rest of my life trying to figure that one out, but never did~! He must have either had a very imaginative life or a very stupid and wet one~! I wrote a poem more or less on this subject called “Those Eyes On The Wall”. I wonder if this can still be accessed, if not I have offloaded all of my posts including photos and comments. Some day they may be re-posted… In the meantime would let me know if you can access this one~? https://mcouvillion.wordpress.com/2020/05/07/those-eyes-on-the-wall/

        Hay so far I am able to communicate, but they have closed the lesser level that I have paid for, taking me down to the “free” level. But I am working on a BETTER way to do it. Stay tuned.
        Where there is a will there is a way, , , No this is not WILL, it is still SAM in case they do not tell you~!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Sam, when I went to that link it said it was a private site and I needed to request permission from you to get on it. I clicked the request..did you get it? Why won’t they let you on the site you have paid for?


          1. SAM VOELKER

            Sorry I am happy to know what is happening to others. I have not problem in accessing the data. So as to the regular site I had before they decided to pay their selves to a business site for me, a year back, they then in September paid their selves for the old site for a year, so it should still be viable until next October… But they ignored this and I am back to a “free site” which I had way back in 2016~!

            So I am in the process of building a site that will not deal with them~!

            I know that you had seen the blog that I asked you to check. If you are still interested in it, you can see it here.

            Thanks Judy, I need to find out what can and can’t be seen by others…


            I am sorry but this comes very close to things that happen every day in “The House of God”~! Been there, seen that, not once or twice but several times. The old mantra of “not what you say but what you do” may be one lost on “Men of God”. The sad part is they seem never to understand that “little children are like “eyes on the wall”.

            Like politicians, “Men of God” also have an unquestionable power over their sheep, and so very often this power is used in devious ways. Bet you have seen it too, I have and so I am telling you~!

            Pardon me if you think I am crude, but I have tried the other way and it always fell on deaf ears. Why are so many “Christians” brain dead when it comes to seeing the world around them, while at the same time seeing things that are not there~?

            MEN OF GOD~!

            Snipe all day, and skype all night
            with devious sins when out of sight.
            She loved him, that holy man of God
            yes he who fondled her supple young bod.

            The youth minister was she,
            the omnipotent pastor was he.
            Little children, eyes on the wall
            watched a marriage about them fall.

            Prime influence to kids that see
            the sinful actions of powers that be.
            OMG they are not only just preying
            he’s whispering to her, what is he saying~?

            Meeting in parsonage while wife is gone
            why are those two people of God all alone~?
            Evidence her being a true God fearing woman
            when I heard a loud shout; “Oh God I am coming~!”

            It is not what you say that we must do
            it’s all things we see while watching you.
            If we should be living our life full of trust
            would you at least then try to control your lust.

            So growing up I have decided my life to amend
            and become a preacher, like you in the end
            and follow Him on this very narrow way
            for Christian girls must be easy prey.



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