Tradescantia: FOTD Apr 16, 2023


Flowerinng Tradescantia or “Wandering Jew.”

For Cee’s FOTD

2 thoughts on “Tradescantia: FOTD Apr 16, 2023

  1. Sam

    I love that “Wondering Jew”~! Last year I got the urge to improve on my inside house plants (succulents) So Ginny and I went to my favorite plant place and spent a lot of time and money getting plants that I thought would be nice to have.

    Then on the way back to the car she saw a broken off piece of wondering jew on the ground and picked it up. We stuck that thing in a pot and it has become the most beautiful thing we got there, and it was FREE~!

    When we built the house I decided on two by six inch thick outer walls instead to the usual two by four inch walls. This also gives me deep window sills which are perfect for inside house plants in the windows. It is also a perfect place for the cats to sleep~!

    By the way another advantage other than heat control is that the walls are solid foam insulation so I have no problem with the usual bugs coming through the walls, a problem in the South.

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