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Egg Carton Flowers: Art Day at Judy’s House–Wordle 582

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Egg Carton Flowers: Art Day at Judy’s House

Fairy breath and greedy flush, scissors, paper glue—
they go about the mutual task of everything they do.
Twin sisters, they spill out in life, perpetually torn
apart since that rude splitting the day that they were born.

One demands the pink paint, the other requests blue—
their lips stained orange by Cheetos, fingers covered by goo.
Voices raspy with excitement, they call each other’s bluff
as their grandma hisses fondly, “Girls, that is enough!”

The yellowing sun descends to orange as they end their day
out on the back terrace where they have gone to play.
Safe now that frisky littler dogs are locked behind the screen,
they pet the Scottie’s matted hair, soothed by his gentler mien.

Inside, their older sister helps us clear away their messes.
Not the first time, right? I ask, “No, not quite,” she  confesses.
She fondly rinses paint brushes and points out the incredible—
blue fingerprints on cookies that someone had turned inedible.

The prompt words are bluff torn spill yellowing fairy breath greedy flush soothed safe hiss raspy for Wordle 583 on The Sunday Whirl
Last photo by Harriet Hart. Others by me.

When my good friend Harriet asked if I’d think up a project for her visiting grandaughters, I was pleased to have an excuse to get to know these lovely young ladies. Egg carton flowers it was!!!!

Other Photos from Art Camp

Assisted by my friend Becky McGuigan (Thanks, Beck) I did two projects with the kids: egg carton flowers and jewelry. Last week we did necklaces and bracelets. This week we’ll do bracelets and earrings. A photo in my FOTD post for Aug 12 showed one of the flowers. Here are a few photos of the jewelry and also a photography project that my friend Bethany did with the kids. They each went home with a book of their photos. One more day of camp tomorrow! I’ll try to get more pix this time.

Water Denizen Trios: Which Do You Prefer?

Please click on photos to enlarge.

Which do you prefer? Three different shots of the same scene. I couldn’t decide. Night Herons at rest.

Here is another. Egrets walking.


And finally: Three more choices of water creatures of another sort. Closeup or far view? Which do you prefer?

For Lens Artist Challenge: Three of a Kind



Clown Face

Clown Face

The majority of children, in fact every kid in town
would drop everything they’re doing to get painted by a clown.
In his coat of many colors and his distinctive rubber nose,
his ruffled baggy pants and his other funny clothes,
he’s bound to probe your funny bone and catch you in a smile.
He’ll paint your face like his if you’ll stand quiet for awhile,
and then the whole best part of it is up and down the street,
every door you knock on will provide you with a treat!!!!

Prompts for today are coat, probe, majority, distinct and drop.

Surprising Thoughts

Should I be embarrassed to admit that at the age of 74, I  still feel like a kid thrilled to be able to live as an adult?

Join Me!!!

The next time you find yourself thinking a surprising thought, write it down and send it to me here. Above is my own surprising insight that caused me to extend the invitation for you to share yours as a comment below. Links to blogs are fine.


Conspiring with the Enemy

Photo thanks to Nik on Unsplash. Used with permission.

Conspiring with the Enemy

Accoutered best for sabotage, they peer over the ridge,
intent now on the enemy crossing o’er the bridge.
All of their stealth and camouflage is not, at last, in vain.
Each inch they push their foes back is another inch they gain.
They’ve learned that cynicism of war as friend becomes their foe.
Each success they win will be another’s loss and woe.
His battleground littered with the corpses, G.I. Joe
now wanders off the killing field, choosing where next to go.
War is not Hell for those who are just playing at the game.
As war games end, the dead arise, as do the halt and lame.
Off to a game of baseball, the conquered and the winners
play together all day long until called to their dinners.
Children could teach their fathers that enemy can be friend.
Oh that their fathers felt the same and war was at an end.

The prompt words today are sabotage, cynic, vain, accouter and friend.


The Defendant
The Claimant


One litigant a teddy bear, the other a stuffed bunny.
The plaintiff acting churlish, the defendant merely funny.
The judge’s view obstructed by the toy box’s high rim,
she declared a change of venue out to the jungle gym
where the judgment was decided by an animated race
to see who could swing highest without plummeting through space,
but before the final verdict could even be recited,
it seems a higher ruling had already been decided.

A necessary recess was called for by the judge.
She told the bear and rabbit they should not dare to budge.
When her mother declared nap time, she said that they’d resume
as soon as she was given the chance to leave her room.
She left Barbie, the bailiff, to insure that they’d be good
and both of them assured her that of course they would.
But in the end both parties wound up in custody
after the judge’s jailer called an emergency

made necessary when hard rain and a gusty wind
tumbled teddy bear and bunny both end over end.
So by the time the judge woke up, a power that was higher
had sent claimant and defendant to confinement in the dryer.
Then the rabbit hung from one ear and the teddy from his tie
from the clothesline in the laundry until both of them were dry.
Then there was a happy ending with all of them set free
as judge and bear and bunny wound up on daddy’s knee!

The Judge

The higher power and the bailiff

The prompt words today are view, emergency, churlish, animated and funny. I asked Forgottenman for a sixth and he gave me litigant.

Trick or Treaters

Trick or Treaters

We only had 11 Trick or Treaters who braved the drizzly Halloween weather to visit us for treats. this was half the crowd we had last year Unfortunately, I snapped the first, a baby who called me “Mama” and smiled and held his hands out to be picked up and only later discovered there was no SD card in the camera.  Sad.  He was such a cutie and would have walked right in to spend the evening if his mom hadn’t stopped him.  The photos I did get are not great as for some reason my camera, only 6 months old, seems not to be focusing with the same precision as before. Double Sad.  Here are the cuties, as I caught them. They were a bit soggy but with the exception of one, a pretty happy bunch. Can you identify the kids who came last year who returned this year? There’s a link to last year’s meangerie above, captured in orange.

Click on the first photo to enlarge all.

The Death of Halloween



The Death of Halloween

What if we threw Halloween and nobody came?
If no one came to trick or treat, who might be to blame?
Perhaps they threw a party and we were not invited.
Perhaps the little kids are scared that they might be bited!
Are small girls scared of zombies, little boys spooked by ghosts?
Are all the big boys scared as well, in spite of all their boasts?
So in spite of Reese’s Cups, Hershey’s Bars and Snickers,
no  chocolate biters are in sight, no chewers and no lickers. 
It seems that Halloween has died. Yearly hauntings are no more.
We might as well eat all the treats, give up and lock the door!!!


After an hour of waiting in vain for Trick or Treaters, just as I was trying to post this post, three groups of them showed up at our door.  Halloween has been rejuvinated.  Photos to follow. If you need a link to them, HERE they are.