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Day 2, Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge


I love the different levels of reality this photo seems to reveal.  The clarity and brilliant colors of the fish nearer the surface are echoed by the dream fish farther below.  Then that ultimate reality––the clouded sky––reflected in the water, as well as the trees. Even the shadow in the water of the gargoyle of a nearby building as well as this picture itself reflect man’s desire to become godlike by creating beauty in imitation of nature.  We are all part of one big circle and for me this photo reveals that truth. 


I’m honored to have been invited by master photographer Cee from ceenphotography.com to participate in a challenge called Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. (Check out Cee’s nature photos as well as her thousands of other wonderful photographs by clicking on the ceenphotography link above.

As part of this challenge, I am to post one nature photograph a day for one week and to ask one other person to join the challenge each day.  Today I ask you to check out the excellent and varied photography of S.M Kelly , whom I have asked to play along. Go here to do so:   http://smkelly8.com/