Nina Discombe and Edward Kular’s Deaths

I am so relieved to report that one of the men responsible for my friends’ death has been apprehended and is in jail.  They are presently in pursuit of his brother, who reportedly assisted in the robbery and murder. The American Consul has assured us that our region of Lake Chapala is not on the “Do Not Travel” list and that they consider this to be an isolated incident and not of danger to travelers and residents.  The chief of police assured us that this was a robbery, not a revenge killing, and that Nina and Edward’s deaths were swift and that they did not suffer unduly. The robbers were unaware of their presence in the house and when they discovered their presence, they killed them out of fear of being recognized and caught. We are all so sad about the death of our friends but also anxious that people not panic over this horrible act which echoes so many other violent actions in the world. The poem that I published in my last blog seems to be all the more true at this point.  Nina was a happy person who loved Mexico.  She would be the last to want people to live in fear.  I saw Edward a few days before his death and we had a discussion about his family’s fears about his return to Mexico, given his health issues.  One of the last comments that passed between us was our agreement that it does no good to live in fear–that we must live the lives we want to live for as long as we can.  Edward lived up to this declaration.

6 thoughts on “Nina Discombe and Edward Kular’s Deaths

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  2. okeating

    I’m glad to hear of this progress. Justice doesn’t bring people back but can help the rest of us accept what’s happened. I hope you can live by to your last exchange with Edward too.


  3. okeating

    I’m sure you will. From reading your blog I know you’re a very strong person and if anybody can hold onto some positivity in the face of such horrible things, I know you can. xx


  4. grieflessons Post author

    The second suspect in Nina and Edward’s deaths has been apprehended and is in jail. Looks to me like most of the information being given in the news is now correct, so I won’t expound more here. RIP Nina and Edward.


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