D-Picted (X-Rated)

                                                                               D-Picted (X-Rated)

I was taking my daily sunset walk on the beach at La Manzanilla, Mexico when I came upon this idyllic scene. He was sipping a margarita and staring out to sea as the water ebbed and flowed—never reaching higher than his chair bottom. Of course, I had to comment.


“Is the view good enough for you?” I queried, with a noticeable lack of originality.

“Do you want to see for yourself?” he asked. He quickly rose from his chair and motioned for me to take his place, taking my camera from my hand as he handed me his Margarita.


He told me to look his way as he turned the tide by taking a picture of me, and so I didn’t see at first a part of the landscape obvious in this next picture.


But as often happens in an evening tide, that object quickly washed ashore to enter my picture,


and quickly dominate it.


The End

(I promise.  This was not a staged incident.  It happened exactly as I describe it with no prompting by me.  I love getting out in the world.  No imagined story ever duplicates what happens in real life!!)

The Prompt: Edge of the Frame—We often capture strangers in photos we take in public. Open your photo library, and stop at the first picture that features a person you don’t know. Now tell the story of that person.

Special Note to viewers of my blog:  Please also see the next posting “Sur-Prize” to enter a contest celebrating my 10,000th viewing.

5 thoughts on “D-Picted (X-Rated)

  1. john flanagan

    These spontaneous occurrences are easily the best and this one is right up there with the best.
    A real occasion with margarita thrown in for good measure – love it! – i must start sifting through old photos, never know who might be in there.
    Loved this, Judy
    My best to you


  2. grieflessons Post author

    I know. I probably have 10,000 or more old photos–all on different backups and some probably lost to my last crashed computer, but it is fun to make use of them. I had totally forgotten about this incident. When an external drive was plugged into my new computer, it downloaded a whole bunch of pictures, fortunately, and as I scrolled through them this one jumped out! I’m getting a bit worried about my fanaticism about posting every day. Have you been through this? Judy


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