Photo-a-week challenge: Livestock


Right after my husband Bob died, I moved to Mexico.  Every morning, I would take a 2 hour walk on the dry lakebed shore of our rapidly drying-up lake.  Immediately, I started to find hearts everywhere.  Small plastic hearts, stones in the shape of hearts.  Once I found a flip-flop used as a fishing net float that had been distorted into a perfect heart shape by the tight rope that held it to the net.  The strangest category of hearts that started to pop up with regularity, however, are pictured below.  Look carefully and you’ll spot them.  For the rest of the story about “Finding Lost Heart in Mexico” you’ll have to read Chapter 21 of my book, Lessons from a Grief Diary. How’s that for shameless self-promotion?

IMG_0004 2 IMG_0001 2 IMG_0005 2

Oh, and another thrown in for good measure (Don’t look for a heart in this one):


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12 thoughts on “Photo-a-week challenge: Livestock

  1. Tamara

    Love the cows and hearts. I started reading your book a couple of days ago. I was saving it to read on my vacation, but since it appears I won’t be taking a vacation, I decided to read the book anyway. The turmoil you were going through was so similar to what I had to go through….only I had rented my house out….AND there was never a final ending to my partner. Many, many parallels, however.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      We always think we are the only ones going through what we have gone through. That’s the value of sharing our stories! Glad you are finding it valid and perhaps helpful, T.


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