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Hearts Adrift


Hearts Adrift

You’ve piqued my curiosity, riled up my blood.
Brand new possibilities surge in like a flood.
Sages say enchantment is magic of a kind
that brings down your defenses and permeates your mind
with fantastic possibilities that make it fully probable
that heavy hearts inflate until they are light and bobbable.

See them on the tide line, floating all about—
free of any tether and free of any doubt.
A sea of love ‘s an image once rendered in a song
that catches in our hearts and makes them sing along.
They form a soft accompaniment to the real world’s roar
that’s telling us we’re not the type a lover would adore.

But you’ll find that hearts may come in many makes and guises,
and when you set your heart adrift, it just may yield surprises.


The prompt words today were sage, pique, enchantment and blood.


Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart

He handed it to me without ceremony—a small leather bag, awl-punched and stitched together by hand. Its flap was held together by a clasp made from a two fishing line sinkers and a piece of woven wax linen. I unwound the wax linen and found inside a tiny wooden heart with his initials on one side, mine on the other. A small hole in the heart had a braided cord of wax linen strung through that was attached to the bag so that the heart could not be lost. He had woven more waxed linen into a neck cord. I was 39 years old when he gave me that incredible thing I never thought I would receive: his heart—as much of it as he could give. Continue reading

Photo-a-week challenge: Livestock


Right after my husband Bob died, I moved to Mexico.  Every morning, I would take a 2 hour walk on the dry lakebed shore of our rapidly drying-up lake.  Immediately, I started to find hearts everywhere.  Small plastic hearts, stones in the shape of hearts.  Once I found a flip-flop used as a fishing net float that had been distorted into a perfect heart shape by the tight rope that held it to the net.  The strangest category of hearts that started to pop up with regularity, however, are pictured below.  Look carefully and you’ll spot them.  For the rest of the story about “Finding Lost Heart in Mexico” you’ll have to read Chapter 21 of my book, Lessons from a Grief Diary. How’s that for shameless self-promotion?

IMG_0004 2 IMG_0001 2 IMG_0005 2

Oh, and another thrown in for good measure (Don’t look for a heart in this one):


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Love Stories


Dim Sum are little love poems shaped like a heart. I challenge every reader
to write one and send it to me! For the fun of it, I made mine into a chain of hearts.

Morning Metaphor
When you rise hours early
to stand in front of the window
and watch for the UPS truck,
I shift my dreaming over
to your warm pillow.
If you are a child,
I am a
The Computer
has become the new hearth
and heart of our home, now
glowing out in the darkness
long after we have moved
to the room next door
to try to sleep
in vain.
A Clock
on the wall of every room
speaks its midnight language
and intrudes into my dreams,
each one telling me I am
another hour closer
to leaving