Unopened Rooms

The Prompt: Brain Power–Let’s assume we do, in fact, use only 10% of our brain. If you could unlock the remaining 90%, what would you do with it?

Unopened Rooms

My working thoughts live in a mansion, restrained to just ten rooms.
When the unused rooms grow cobwebs, they must sweep them out with brooms.
They cannot see their pleasures, for they enter with eyes shut.
Sealed chambers filled with many things, but we do not know what.
It is exhausting just maintaining all these extra spaces.
No wonder that I lose my keys and forget most new faces.

No telling when we’ll let our thoughts roam free in other rooms.
For all these years they’ve been sealed up like dark and unused tombs.
Perhaps we’ll find they’re portals to other times and places.
Perhaps they lead to other worlds in intergalactic spaces.
They might allow a journey into the minds of others.
Would extrasensory perception make us enemies or brothers?

I’m sure the reason that we use small portions of our brain
is because if we knew of them, we’d use them all in vain.
We’d journey through the cosmos to plunder other spheres.
React to them like enemies, guided by our fears.
If there is any entity guiding how things go,
perhaps they recognize that earth’s evolving sort of slow.

Our energies put into things instead of who we are.
Instead of love? Investments. Instead of aid? A car.
If perhaps we aren’t allowed the full use of our brains,
it is because we have not learned to use them for our gains.
How we look’s important. How much it costs the point.
We’re ruining our planet by cluttering up the joint.

Our brains we use for warfare. Weapons we can’t control.
They wind up in a child’s hands or on a grassy knoll.
They’re used for entertainment on a computer screen
in games that build agression. We win by being mean.
Shows they call reality prefabricate each role.
The lowest denominator seems to be their goal.

True, other things are in our mind: poems, music, art,
dance and social functions, a few of them with heart.
So we stage elaborate galas to raise the money for
children who are hungry, adults chewed to the core.
And yet some of us still balk at giving medicine to the ill.
If they are not wealthy, they must chew the bitter pill.

No doctors and no dental care. No succor for the poor.
If they would work, they’d have health care. Complaints are such a bore!
These things we fill our minds with. There’s no need for more brain space.
In the ten percent of brain we use,new thoughts we cannot face.
This E.S.P. is hogwash, and U.F.O’s are fiction.
Even the thought of universal health care causes friction.

For every room within the mind that’s used, there are nine more
filled with mysteries we won’t know until we try the door.
Some enter and return to tell of wonders they have spied.
Yet unenquiring minds respond by saying they have lied.
We’ll never leave these sealed up rooms unless we learn to dream.
Let creative thoughts flow out in an uncensored stream.

To seep beneath closed doors into our mind’s more spacious realms.
Be adventurous voyagers standing at the helms
of ships of mind that sail the wilder seas of consciousness
regardless of the ones who try to censor and to hush.
Turn off the TV sets and games of war and violence.
Let Honey Boo Boo slip back into former innocence.

Lay Kim Kardashian to rest, pull out your skeleton key
that just might let you in to all the rest that you can be.

3 thoughts on “Unopened Rooms

  1. Lwbut

    Really well done Judy – maybe you should repost it as I think it deserves a bigger audience than the one it has so far attracted. I’m the first to comment?? That is both sad, and, i’m afraid, kinda typical. Mostly, people really are not interested much in using their brain for more than watching sports, or porn, or ‘reality’ shows about people who are ‘just like them’ – HAH!)

    From my ‘Using your brain better’ research i’ve found (and long suspected) the ‘only using 10% of your brain’ theory is a fallacy. We use our brain for so many different things every second of every day that in terms of the actual ‘cells’ we use pretty much all of them – there are no ‘unused spots’.

    It may be slightly more true to say we do not use our brain to it’s fullest capacity – in terms of the total number of possible interactions each of the billions of neurons can make with each other and those in all parts of our body, but we would be completely overloaded if we were ever able to try that. it would be something like putting every car, van, bus and truck in America on the roads at the same time and expect them to be able to travel at the maximum speed limit without having any accidents or traffic jams.

    I do believe though that all of us could learn to use our brain cells more efficiently and so as to produce more and better quality results.

    (Although, compared to many, you and i are miles ahead in that department, of course! 😉


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Bob, I am reading an incredible book, “The Brains that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, M.D. It is available both in Audible and print versions online..I heartily recommend it and think you would be as amazed by it as I am.

      Liked by 1 person


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