The War of the Words (Love and War)

 The War of the Words

The words packed tight within my mind
seek the empty page.
They fly like hummingbirds and hawks
escaping from their cage.
But when all my empty places
I seek to fill again,
too many words rush in at once,
creating such a din
that nothing can be made of them.
I cannot restore order
in these alien syllables
that flood across my border.

I did not think these previous lines.
They just crept up on me.
I place them here upon the page
and thereby set them free.
They have no place within my head
where I had plans to write
a valentine or love poem.
Instead, they spar and fight.
One trying to beat the others
to the front line of my mind.
Love words elbowing their way
through “sensitive” and “kind.”

So shyness steps on anger’s toes
and sloth runs out of steam
trying to reclaim the place
where words like it must dream.
I no longer know the purpose
that I set out upon
I fear the mood is broken–
my concentration gone.
The thought that any love poem
will come is now absurd.
Ten minutes ago I was in love,
but now I have been cured!!

The Prompt: Write an Ode to something or someone you love. Bonus points for poetry.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!

7 thoughts on “The War of the Words (Love and War)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Sandy. This was a poem that just wrote itself. As in the poem, I had little control over it and by the end had forgotten the original idea. Actually, kind of fun to just follow where the words lead. Happy Valentine’s Day!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Anton… I always leave your comments feeling better about myself. These last four days I’ve spent listening to some of the best writers in the world and it can create doubt, I must admit, about one’s own words. Thanks for always being so supportive. Judy


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