WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange Pops

DSC09864 P8100002 P1190256 DSC09885

Orange you glad it’s photo challenge time?

Time for another multi-photo challenge! Wow us with punchy pops of orange.

9 thoughts on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange Pops

  1. Karuna

    Beautiful! I really like the variety of images you have.

    Have you ever used WordPress Create a Gallery Option. These pictures would make an awesome Tiled Mosaic Gallery. And it is easy to do. This link has most of the instructions: http://codex.wordpress.org/The_WordPress_Gallery although for some reason it doesn’t tell you you can chose between tiled mosaic, circles, squares or a slide show. The gallery you saw on my orange post is tiled mosaic.


      1. Karuna

        Let me know if you need help. I’d be happy to guide you if needed. I used to do them as inserts too and was blown away when I saw the other varieties that are possible. I usually use Tiled Mosaic or Slide Show but occasionally use Squares. You can flip between all of them and preview each. The Tiled Mosaic you can change the order or number of the pictures and the mosaic will change completely.



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