You are Loved If–

You are Loved if–

They are there when you need them as surely as when they need you.
They predict what your needs might be and try to provide them–within reason.
What  they provide is what you need as well as what they themselves need to give.
They will dance with you every now and then even if they look silly and step on your toes.
You can tell you are their favorite person to be around.
They have the confidence in you to tell you the truth about themselves.
Their face lights up when you enter the room.
They would be willing to give up their favorite chair to you without revealing they are doing so.
They try to understand your dog, your art, your poetry and your cooking.
They are good to your relatives.
They are kind in telling you what they perceive to be the truth about you.
They console without judgement.
You can tell they’d like to be on your side–for your sake– even when they really aren’t.
They are not always the one to say good night first.

(After I posted my writing to the prompt today, I realized that the topic warranted more thought.  All of the points in both posts apply both ways, of course.  Love is a two-way street.)


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